Tips To Prep Your Skin For Your First Waxing Treatment

For those wishing to keep their skin smooth, shiny and hairless for not days, but weeks, waxing does seem to be the right choice!

Be it waxing a smaller patch like- your upper lip or eyebrow, or your back, chest, legs; one needs to prep up their skin to reduce the discomforts. For those who are thinking of going for your first waxing treatment, here are some tips to prepare the skin.

Check The Skin Properly Prior To The Treatment.

Self-examining the skin is always important prior to proper waxing treatment. If there are some damaged skin or signs of inflammation, then it should be given time to heal prior to your full body waxing in Brimbank. Also, if there are some birthmarks or moles in your body- especially where you intend to wax, then inform it to the aesthetician prior to the waxing process.

Allow It To Grow- But Not Too Long

When the length of the hair is very short, the wax cannot pick it correctly to remove it. And, when the hair is too long, it prevents the wax from gripping it. That can lead to more pain too. So, your hair length needs to be somewhere in between.

The ideal length of hair growth should be two to three weeks or about a fourth of an inch. This will ensure the waxing is done correctly and appropriately.

Gently Exfoliate The Skin 2-Days Before Waxing

It is always important to exfoliate the skin at least a couple of days prior to the waxing treatment. However, do remember to skip the harsh scrubs on the appointment day.

Proper exfoliation helps the wax grab the hair and not on the skin. But, it can also leave the skin more sensitive to pain and discomfort. That’s why you should always stick to lighter exfoliation. Many make the mistake of scrubbing too hard. Don’t make this mistake!

Keep Moisturising Till The Day Of The Appointment

Make sure you moisture properly on those days leading up to your waxing appointment. Healthy looking and properly moisturised skin ensures the wax releases more smoothly and easily.

However, excess moisturiser could end up coating the hair and hamper the applied wax’s grip. Thus, its best to avoid the moisturiser on the day of the session.

Ensure The Bikini Region Is Clean

This is regardless of whether you opt for a Brazilian wax or full body waxing services in Melbourne, the area around the bikini region should be kept clean at all times.

Waxing does make your skin prone to infection, particularly the warm and damp areas, thus making them more prone to bacterial growth.

What Else?

If you are too worried about the pain, then it is recommended to take pain relievers like Advil and Tylenol an hour before the appointment.

One can also take Antacid approximately 10–20 mins before the appointment. This will help decrease the acid in the system and will assist reduce sensitivity.

One should not take caffeine before the treatment as it increases their sensitivity.

And importantly; if one is going through their menstrual cycle, then it is not recommended to go through with the waxing treatment. The reason being, the body becomes more sensitive to the hormonal changes and going through with the treatment will make you feel more pain.

These are some of those key aspects to remember before going for your first session. Also, when sorting out standard hair removal treatment services near me, be sure to check their market stature, the client testimonials, the experience of their specialists and also their rate. It will ensure full value for money.

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