The most minimalistic shoe in the world

Summers are a time when less is always more. When it comes to foot wear most people want the least gaudy and most airy sort of sandals for summers. Many even enjoy walking barefoot on sand or the cement floors in the evening. We are talking about a shoe that has no layers, straps, textile or anything. A shoe that lets your feet breath in open air and prevents them from having that suffocating hot and clammy feeling we go through every year in summers if we wear closed shoes.

So many look for a completely minimalistic sort of footwear that is easy to carry. Well we give you a review about exactly such sandals that have nothing but strands of strings attached to them. There is no other shoe in the shoe market really as minimalist as the huarache. The huarache is basically a Mexican shoe, primarily from a pre Columbian origin that became popular during the 1960s and now has a considerable demand in market especially in summers.

The traditional design of a huarache is pretty simple. The material originally used for such a sandal was leather with a thin wooden sole. Strips of leather were cut and woven in to create a completely hand weaved shoe.


Later the design was created with woven strings with a very thin wooden sole beneath them. Now the sandal’s soles are usually rubber. With a diverse evolution process, the huarache now varies considerably in designs. More concepts for huarache have changed and many companies name their shoes huarache, but traditionally only those shoes are considered huarache that are handmade or hand woven by craftsmen.

The Mexican style sandals have again come in fashion along with their comfort and feasibility to wear. The true minimalistic shoe in the market is the Xero Shoe Huarache that you can create on your own because it is all strings. And truly it is just that simple.


The Xero Shoe Huarache running sandal comes with a helpful kit which is very easy to create. It is said to be durable, long-lasting and comfortable that you can personalize according to your own choice with a lace color and lacing style that is in the box with advantage of being extremely economical too. The xero shoes are as close to being barefoot as you can possibly imagine because it is a shoe that contains only the smallest amount of rubber protection in width on the soles of your feet.


The sole itself is pretty thin so it feel completely feather like. Your feet are free to go as they like in the most innate manner with no textile attached to obstruct or restrict foot movement in any way possible. All initial uncertainties about comfort, fit, or appropriateness for running are quickly eliminated after using them in a few walks or your very first run in them. It feels light and absolutely fabulous.

The most comfortable and minimalistic shoes in world are xero shoe huarache that feel like you are wearing nothing.

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