Sitting Pretty

Do you ever realize your way of sitting? You may sit crossing legs, knee over knee or in sidesaddle position. Sitting pretty is the reflection of femininity. But what is the pretty of sitting? Sitting pretty means to sit in a proper way. Sitting pretty is typically associated with girly girl and feminine image. One of classical traits of woman is that she sits with crossed legs and straight back.

On chair, the pretty of way sitting is keeping knees together and she may want to shift her leg from one side to other for comfort which is perfect posture to sit womanly. Woman who sits with her legs wide may not appear as sitting pretty. It is men’s style of sitting with legs wide which will give you a bad impression.

A girl is taught from her childhood to sit with closed legs. From childhood they are trained to sit gracefully that distinguish them from males. Delicate, sensitive, pretty and graceful are the terms that usually associated with a woman and considered necessary for a girl to own all these traits to be feminine. Sitting with wide legs is considered manly and inappropriate for woman. Without a pretty lady sitting, the ultimate image of girly girl is possibly not complete. It is now included in mannerism for a girl to sit prettily in proper way.

Crossing legs or knee over knee is not considered right way of sitting for those girls who have thick thighs. Thick part of thighs is prominent even if you are fully clothed which gives unpleasant look of a lady. A slender female will look attractive in crossing legs. Sitting with crossed legs or ankles is feminine and girly trait which conveys that girl is fragile, sensitive yet very graceful.

Ankle over ankle is actually the way a lady sits. The sitting prettily in this way is highly beneficial for girls along with looking girly and stylish. It feels sexier, more womanly and much more gracious. Women look pretty when they sit with ankle over ankle. It does not only make a girl look pretty but also makes her figure look more curvaceous. The sitting gracefully and beautifully protects girl’s modesty especially when she wears short dress or mini skirt.

Along with sitting in crossed legs or crossed ankles, the pretty feminine look cannot be achieved without straight back. If your back is bending your girly pretty sitting will ruin and you will look unpleasant. Always try to hold your back to keep it straight especially while you are sitting on something without back. By improving your back posture, you are going to have awesome pretty look of a perfect classical girl.

A lady that sits and moves gracefully is poise and beautiful. Sitting pretty is one of most cherished graceful manners of traditional and classical woman. Besides all these way of sitting in proper way, it is fine to go with anything you feel comfortable with sitting. Fine sitting cannot beat proper etiquette. And it is truth that the womanly grace is innate. Graceful moves are God gifted and comes from within. The graceful way you sit, the more graceful you will look.

The way of talking and most importantly sitting distinguishes a girl from a boy.The secret of looking graceful and elegant lies in sitting pretty. Find out the ways by which you can look graceful and beautiful.

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