Simple Eyes Makeup application in 7-Steps

Glamorize your eyes with our easy to follow eyes makeup tips.

It is the famous saying that ‘Eyes are the windows of the soul’, but when it comes to eyes makeup application technique to make them beautiful, many of the women get failed. Whether the gathering or occasion is small or large, eyes makeup holds the primary attention, as eyes are the very first feature of your face to get noticed. Even the simplest and classy eyes makeup can do wonders to your over all look and appearance.

Eyes makeup holds a prime importance to give you a glamorous look, by enhancing the beauty of your eyes tactfully. All of us love to do stunning eyes makeup for our evening parties, however many of the women are unaware of the basic eyes makeup application technique and eyes makeup tips.

Even the simplest eyes makeup can look smashingly wonderful if the eyes makeup application is proper and correct. To make your eyes look beautiful in easiest way, here are easy to follow simple 7-steps for eyes makeup application:

  1. Pre-preparations for Eyes makeup: Before eyes makeup application, use concealer to hide your under eye circles or the discoloration and blemishes under your inner eye. Apply three dots of concealer under each eye and pat them starting at the inner corner towards the outer edge, until it leveled up and disappear.
  2. Application of Eye-base: If you want your eyes makeup to last for hours in correct form, apply eye base to both of your lids equally till leveled up.
  3. Apply Eye-shadows: While doing your eyes makeup, it is very important to choose the right colors for your eyes makeup application according to your dress and party type. It’s often great to use three-toned shadow in eyes makeup to build up a true effect on eyes.
    The best eyes makeup application technique is to begin with light color that almost matches your skin tone. For the smooth eyes makeup application apply the strokes across the lid up to your brow-bone. Later, apply medium color eye shadow across the lid only, followed by a darker color in the crease. To give a natural look to your eyes makeup, blend the colors well into each other.
  4. Eyeliner Application: The best eyes makeup tips are to use dark eye shadows as eyeliners, or you can have gorgeous eyes makeup by simple black and brown eyeliner. The best eyes makeup application technique is to line the eyes as close to the upper lashes from the inner corner to the outer corner.
  5. Use highlighter: This amazing eyes’ makeup application technique give brightness to your eyes makeup and make them prominent. Use the lightest eye shadow as the highlighter and dap into the inner corner of eye. Also use the same shade and dab it into your browbone.
  6. Curl your lashes: You can enhance your eyes makeup by curling your eyelashes and give them a definition. Heat the curler under a blow-dryer for few second and apply it to lashes carefully.
  7. Mascara Application: The final eyes makeup application step is to apply mascara at the bottom and upper lashes. Place the wand of your mascara carefully and wiggle back and forth.

Through these simple eyes makeup tips and eyes makeup application steps, you can be your own makeup artist.

Glamorize your eyes with our easy to follow eyes makeup tips.

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