Nurturing Your Nails

Nails are one of the important body parts and needs equal attention and care. Your nails become your style and personality statement if you take care of your nails.

In order to keep healthy, beautiful and attractive every part of our body needs our attention and care. Most of us only pay attention to our face and skin. Along with facial and skin care, our hands feet and other body parts are equally needs care and attention.

Beautiful hands are also very important to look charming and attractive. In this regard we can’t ignore or neglect this very important part as they have less knowledge about the importance of nails towards a healthy and beautiful body. Now, with the advent of fashion and style, we see lot of adventures and inventions towards nails and nail care. There are hundreds of tips and guidelines on how to make your nails attractive and beautiful, how to nurture your nails and how you exhibit your personality through your nails.

There are huge number of beauty salons that offer special nail care therapies and stylish ways to beautify your nails.

Nails are now become style statement also, as nails tell a lot about your personality as well. It is also a fact that your diet and your nutritional intakes also the factors that can help in attaining healthy and glowing nails. In this winter try special nail care tips to have healthy and shiny nails.

Nail Care tips:

  • Like every part of body, your nails also need regular intake of vitamins, minerals and other important nutritional elements. Those who want to have healthy and glowing nails must eat fresh fruits, green & leafy vegetables in their regular diet. Regular intake of fresh fruits & vegetable salad is very beneficial for your nails.
  • Take lots of fresh water. Drink at least 8-12 glass of water every day. Water is the only element which gives moisture to your nails and its other body parts.
  • Go for natural and homemade tips for your nail care. To have healthy and noticeable nails, soak your hands in a bowl of raw milk for few minutes. It provides nourishment to your nails.
  • To nourish your nails, mix honey with almond & oil, apply on your nail over night. It is also a good tip for the nourishment of your nails.
  • Moisture is very important for your nails as well as for other body parts. For moisturizing your nails, it’s not necessary to buy a special nail care moisturizer. You can achieve this by using simple olive oil.
  • Never expose your nails to water for long or even Hand detergents. This will cause dryers and roughness to your nail & cuticle. You can use hand gloves while doing house chores. After completing your domestic chores, wash your hands immediately and use lotion to keep them clean.
  • Don’t bite your nails. This bad habit will not only damage your nails but also show lot of complexes and lack of confidence.
  • To make your nails healthy and glowing you can use vitamin n B 12, Zinc and multi vitamins supplements and capsules. These supplements will also eliminate while spots or darkening of your nails.
  • To clean your nails and fingers tips, use a soft and clean tooth brush, mild soap and Luke warm water.
  • Use rich hand cream before going to bed to nourish your nails and hands skin.
  • Do manikins once in a week. It will give a fresh and clean look to your hands and nails.
    You can also use rose water to keep your nails healthy and shinny.

By following these very special and beneficial nail care tips you will definitely achieves tremendous results for your healthy and glowing nails.

Nails are one of the important body parts and needs equal attention and care. Your nails become your style and personality statement if you take care of your nails.

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