Nail Art… A New Fashion Statement

Designing of your nails or nail art is now become a fashion and style statement. Design your nails in a way that compliments your outfit and style.

Nail art is a practice to have fun with your nails. To look smarter, fashionable and funky, you have to give attention to your nails also.

With the growing advent of fashion and style trends there come hundreds and thousands of new and very stylish nail decorative ideas which not only boost your artistic mind towards nail art but also dress up your nails in a very fashionable and stylish way. You can play with your nails in many ways. Nail art ranges from simple flowery type designs to witchy, dragon and gothic type designs. It’s all up to you to choose a design which goes best with your personality and choice. You can design or make your nail art according to the occasions also.

For example, for everyday shinny look you can apply a floral type design, for brighter, younger and punk look choose a funky and outrageous nail art design. However, if you are a working lady and desire to brighten up your everyday paint your nails by sticking a nail sticker on them.

Nail art is now become a fashion and style statement as it can compliment your outfits and add a fashionable yet stylish flair to your appearance.

As fashion and style trends growing day by day, it’s not a difficult thing now to pack your nails with a variety of nail art design at home. There are number of nail art techniques that you can do at your home. All you need is little practice, lot of patience/consistency and keep in touch with new nail art ideas and designs to brighten up your nails in an exclusive way.

Here we present some very easy nail art design ideas for you girls. Just apply these simple yet stylish nail art design ideas and add an elegant & modish look to your nails.

Nail Art Design Ideas:

  • Before going to choose any nail art idea, you have to do a manicure. Along with this, cut your nails in a right shape which you desire. Tidy and organized nails can only give you the desirable look. So, cleaning and cutting is the first step before any nail art design application.
  • Funky lines are in the fashion now days. For this design apply a strong/bright colored polish (pink, magenta, purple etc) to your nail, then take a tooth pick or any thin stick and dip it in a black nail color, now draw the funky lines in the way you desire.
  • Polka dots designs are also very popular among young girls. You can create this nail art design easily at your home. Take a white marker and design polka dots on your nails; let it dry for ten minutes. You can also use colorful markers to have a colorful and funky look.
  • Disco nail art designs are also stylish one to carry. To paint rainbow glitter on your nails, take translucent or white nail paint. Apply a coat and before it dries, sprinkle a store-brought powdered sparkle and let it set. Your disco nails are ready in 10 minutes.
  • Beside these nail art designs, you can also design your nails occasionally. For example, on Valentine’s Day you can paint your nails with heart shapes, flowers and things which reflects Valentine theme.

These nail art designs are not expensive and do not take too much time. So, what are you waiting for???  Just apply one to your nails and let your style and personality go wild!

Designing of your nails or nail art is now become a fashion and style statement. Design your nails in a way that compliments your outfit and style.

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