How To Remove Acrylic Nails At Home

Acrylic nails are very much in trend these days. Nails get attractive look with acrylic nails. Sometimes when you haven’t cared for your acrylic nails, then removing them may seem difficult to you. Are you thinking about how to get rid of your damaged acrylic nails, or you want to replace them with the new acrylic nails? This is the issue which is very common in daily life of women.

They want a simple solution that can be carried out in home easily. They don’t want to spend more money and waste time in salons. We are presenting a simple and quick solution to the problem. You don’t have to bother much and by following the steps watch out the difference.

You should have a towel, a bowl, acetone solution, nail clippers, a stick and hand cream. Now make sure that the area in your home where you are going to remove acrylic nails is covered with sheet or newspaper as to avoid acetone spills. Let’s say that the area is a table in a room. Push a chair near the table where you can sit and remove your acrylic nails turn by turn comfortably.

Note that removing acrylic nails at home is not a big deal just doing it with care and attention will make it easy for you. It will take one hour to remove acrylic nails of your both hands.

When you have set everything and are ready to begin the process. Start it with the removal of nail polish first. Removal of nail polish will make more visibility to you about what are you going to deal with. Now, with the help of nail clippers cut down your acrylic nails. You should cut them up to the level of your natural nails. After cutting down, take a buffing stick and with the help of this stick rough the surface of your acrylic nails. Repeat this process for every nail.

Now make use of your hand cream. Rub your hand cream on the skin near the sides of the nails. This is done in order to protect your skin from drying, which can be caused by acetone solution. Avoid rubbing the hand cream on the nails, because it will provide hindrance in the removal of acrylic nails. And they will not be completely removed.

Now fill the bowl with the acetone solution up to the level that it will cover all your nails. Dip your fingers now in the acetone solution and wait for twenty minutes to soak them. With the passage of time the grip of your acrylic nails will be loosen and they will be dissolved in the solution eventually. Take your fingers out of the solution. With the help of cotton ball or towel rub your fingers as to completely remove the acrylic nails. If any acrylic nail still remains, then dip it for five minutes more.

When you are all done with the removal of acrylic nails, wash out your hands with water and soap carefully to remove acetone and hand cream. Wait for your nails to dry. When they are dried use hand cream on the sides of skin and nail polisher cream on your hands. It will give the natural shine to your nails finally. By following the above method described, you can not only save time but also the money of visiting a salon.

Precautions While removing Acrylic nails:

  • While removing your acrylic nails, the acetone solution used must not be placed in plastic rather glass material should be used. The reason behind is, that it will react and it would be dangerous to use then.
  • Instead of buying acetone you can also buy acrylic nail remover kit from the market. The kit can easily be obtained from the drugstore. The kit has been developed for your ease. Use it whenever you need.
  • Acetone catches fire easily, it is highly flammable. So while using, keep it away from the heat sources. Use it carefully.
  • Don’t rush in removing nails quickly, have patience and remove them slowly. Because it takes time in removing otherwise you will harm yourself with acetone solution.
  • Sometimes if there is a gap between your natural and acrylic nail, it may cause you infection in nails. If you feel some sort of pain then better consult your physician.

Don’t feel hesitated while removing acrylic nail color at home with this simple and easiest way. It also saves your time and money. Tell your friends about doing this at home as well.

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