How to appear Hirable

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. That’s what they say and you have got to agree it’s true. Whether you have been laid off by your previous employer or are looking for a new job altogether, it’s that interview we all dread. The point to note here is that whenever you go for a job interview, other than all the professional and smart talk that you definitely need to get across your employer’s head, you also need to look like you are capable of being hired.

What that means is that you need to look like the best candidate for the job. With so much competition flaring in from just about everywhere, you need to make sure you are not part of the employer’s tiny slip up which he or she may be always on the look-out for just so that the elimination process is far simpler for him or her. Just before a job interview or weeks before it, give yourself a confidence boosting make over! No, by that it isn’t implied to go give yourself electric blue streaks on or highlights on your head, but in fact, just an overall look booster that will make you look more energetic, confident and self-monitored and less insecure and fidgety

The aim is to look fit for the job, to wear the attire that will fit the culture of the company you have applied for. Let us start with the basics:

Hairstyle – A general view is that people prefer their hair tied up and pulled back, specially at professional gatherings. This is because if they fall flat on your face then you are more likely to indulge in touching them, tossing them around, twirling and playing with them. Let’s face it, women tend to do that unconsciously or consciously more than twenty times in a day. It’s better to have them pulled back in a high ponytail then right? If not, then go for a sophisticated, volume-filled look with the ultimate down style but only if you can be sure that you will not get your hands twisted in your locks. Make sure you apply an appropriate amount of smoothening cream or serum to keep that frizz away, whichever hairstyle you prefer. And, you should definitely spray in lots of hair spray to hold your hair down the way you made it at all times.

Accessories – It’s always good to add one or two of those extra features that will add more sophistication or amiableness to your over all look or personality. Even the pins or clips you choose to put up will either make or break your look. It’s better to keep these accessories minimal in order to avoid looking like a clown. Also, the colors you choose should be 

Make up – Most of the ladies over do their make up thinking that will help make them look extra hot or desirable or whatever terminology they choose to associate with their "smokey make-up" look for that matter. But, in reality, employers are looking for someone who can look professional as well as presentable at the same time so you might want to keep it simple in this case. Specially for an interview, don’t go for dark tones, not on the lips, nor the eyes and not even on those cheekbones. It’s not a wedding or an engagement party ladies! Try to highlight those features of yours using the most natural colors possible. Go for Rimmel London, Maybelline or MAC nudes on the lips or a light shade of natural pink or rose and just one thin line of liner preferrable MAC liquid eyeliner. Don’t forget your mascara though because it helps give that extra touch of finish to the eyes. 

Last but not the least, go for professional looking shoes and avoid high heels or stilettos. Make sure to wear good perfume and deodorant in order to bust those sweats that will most probably be on high just before your interview! Goodluck!


First impressions are always the last impressions. Are you on the lookout for a job? Is it your big interview day? Here's a list of do's and do not's to keep in mind.

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