How Glosses Make Your Lips Hot

 Attain perfect lip line:

After applying lipstick, put a bit of foundation on a concealer brush and follow around your lip line, erasing any blur.

When to use lip stains:

Only use lip stains when your lips are perfectly smooth and you don’t have lines around the mouth. To get smooth lips, buff lips with a toothbrush dipped in a little water and sugar. Never rub too hard and always follow with a light balm before the stain.

Gloss without the goop:

Apply a great lipstick and then touch lightly a bit of gloss only on the inside of the fleshy part of the lower lip. All the shine, none of the mess.

For high drama:

After applying lipstick or gloss, put a touch of white sheer shimmer powder on the dip of the upper lip and right below the lower lip. Perfect for evening glance.

Wearing red:

To get that perfect red lip, evenly apply a pale flesh colored lip liner. Then rub a red lip stain on the lips. Follow with a moisturizing red lipstick. Dry formulas look cakey; super glossy ones slip right off. Avoid red lip-gloss as it gets messy fast.

Small lips:

Avoid wearing dark colors; they make lips look smaller. Do not draw on a big lip with lip liner. Instead choose light or bright shades of lipstick or gloss with shimmer that catches the light for an amplifying effect.

Big lips:

Stay away from glossing the whole lip. Apply a little in the center on top and bottom, and then blend with your fingertip across the lips for shine that doesn’t overwhelm your face.

Whiter teeth:

Brush teeth with a little baking soda. Then choose lip colors in cool tones for an icy-white smile.

Liner ruins:

Never chooses a lip liner darker than your lipstick. If you like to use liner on the whole lip, use a balm first to avoid chunky, uneven, dry color.

Bleeding lipstick:

Line the lips with a pale flesh colored lip liner then fill with a moisture-rich lipstick with staying power. Avoid glosses as they tend to run.

Attain hot lips; follow the basic instructions in using lipstick and lip glosses for your lip nature

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