How Dressing Affects Your Attitude and Confidence

There are so many components linked to appropriate and well suited dressing. Fashion trend is an important one and other related ones are that the dress should be able to give you a feeling of confidence, poise and self-assurance on all occasions.

Keep in mind that the way you dress is linked to how the dress complements your attitude and self-confidence. In this matter the fact is that proper dress is directly related to how well the dress makes you feel. A lot of thought has to go into proper dress selection and any casual approach is likely to land you into a state of discomfort and you are bound to feel sorry that proper selection was not made and feel of wellness disappears. On the contrary if the dress is chosen after proper thought, the feeling of looking good crops up automatically and helps to improve energy which in turn enables you to treat others better.

To give a boost to the attitude, self-confidence and produce a feel good state, here are a few tips relating to proper wear.

1. First of all know the occasion well
2.Think about the composition of the audience
3.Consider your own style
4.Keep color effects in view

Know the Occasion Well

In the process of making the selection give ample  consideration to the occasion. Your selection should be directly linked to the event. Naturally if the occasion is a business meeting, the dress will be different than if you are going shopping. Similarly, if you have to attend a gala or a festival, the selection has to be finalized to suit such an occasion.

If we dwell deeper, even business meetings can be of special nature. For public relations related meeting the suiting has to be softly tailored and for corporate meetings tailored clothes with straight lines and firm fabrics are right.

In the same vein, for social gatherings it would be correct to opt for unmatched suits(combination), khaki pants and turtlenecks. If we consider colors black tie means formal and white tie means ultra-formal.

Think about  Audience Composition

The audience can be clients ,bosses or even  colleagues .What you wear has to fit the image you intend to reflect. An example here would be that bankers are not expected to wear jeans and neither are farmers expected to wear suits. The basic guideline is that when you are dressed out of your role your competence comes into question.

An important aspect to remember and focused on is that people urge to interact with people with whom they feel comfortable or who they feel are like them. This of course means that knowing what is expected in particular roles and dressing to fit that role.

Consider your own  Style

Your own  style is reflected through  the patterns and texture of fabrics you wear. Also important are the accessories like jewelry, handbags and shoes and others like lapels, cuff links and more. Awareness of your own style and its reflection enables you to express yourself with confidence. Relating to this there can be many preferences. The suits you choose can be classic, romantic or even dramatic. Another factor to be kept in consideration is that at times accommodations have to be made and correct adjustments made.

Keep color effects in view

Human psyche is such that it is  instinctively drawn to certain colors and the response is  feeling filled.  The bright colors have the ability to bring sparkle to the eyes and even glow to the skin. At the same time improper colors can bring forth a look of tiredness. So it becomes important that there is awareness about the colors that are most suited to you.

Talking of colors, these can be divided into the categories of warm and cool. Once the proper colors are made a choice, the feel better feeling will become obvious and confidence will begin to show. Here it must be remembered that colors give rise to emotions that can be positive or otherwise. The color blue soothes while the color red excites and enhances energy.

By dressing suitably and making the best choice you manage to add to the feeling of comfort, attraction and providing much boost to the confidence level. And once the confidence level is high. the feeling of situation control sets in.

It is one among the things that reflects your attitude as well. Dressing will make you feel so much more confident.

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