Homemade Hair Care Remedies for Treating Dandruff

Get rid of Dandruff with our natural hair care tips.

As the winter is coming, all of us are preparing for warm clothes; however, proper hair care is a must in the winter season. The most common hair care problem that almost everyone faces in the winter is the white snowy dandruff. Whenever we are experimenting any new hair style these white lines of dandruff reminds us for lack of hair care, which is essential for healthy hair and scalp.

The problem of Dandruff that is a real trouble for many of us is usually associated with insufficient hair care. Especially when you are wearing dark colors like black, navy blue etc. in winter, the dust-like stuff that falls from the scalp to shoulders is a sign of embarrassment and inadequate hair care.

Other than improper hair care, the reasons responsible for dry dandruff scales are poor diet, sluggish metabolism, hormonal imbalance, and sometimes infection. If you will not adopt proper hair care solutions and hair care tips for treating dandruff, the problem will become worse.

To apply hair care tips and hair care solutions, it is not necessary that you have to buy expensive anti-dandruff creams, oils and shampoos. Below are some household and natural hair care tips to give you extra benefits in your hair care routines:

  • Hair care tips with Hot Oil Therapy:

Hot oil therapy is one of the hair care tips to cure dandruff. Massage hot oil into the scalp at bedtime and rub lemon juice mixed with cosmetic vinegar in the ratio of 1:2 into scalp before washing your hair next morning with a good egg shampoo.

  • Baking soda hair care tips:

Instead of shampooing, try the hair care tips with baking soda by massaging it into the hair and scalp to absorb oil and loosen dead skin or scalp. Rinse your hairs without any shampoos. With this hair care solutions, your hair may appear dry initially, but after several weeks your hair care tips will remove dandruff and hairs will be smooth and shiny.

  • Hair care tips with Egg and Yogurt:

Following are the natural hair care tips with egg and yogurt:

  • Mix 1 egg with 1 cup of yogurt and apply on scalp. Wash your hairs after half an hour.
  • Mix 1teaspoon of Fenugreek seed powder with 1 egg and apply it all over hair and scalp. Wash your hairs after half hour.
  • Mix 1 teaspoon Fenugreek seed powder with 1 cup with yogurt and leave it on scalp for half an hour before shampooing.

With these amazing natural hair care tips and beneficial hair care solutions you will surely enjoy dandruff-free healthy hair in winter.

Get rid of Dandruff with our natural hair care tips.

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