Your Closet: A Fun Space to Hold All of Your Clothing and Accessories

With good planning, even small closets can hold your things. Simply take advantage of all of its space, from the floor to the ceiling and all the walls.

Closet doors are a part of a closet being smart. Have you considered how to choose barn door hardware as part of your closet updates? In your closet, take advantage of shelving, decorative hooks, special hangars, and more. Let’s look at some functionality tips to help you organize your closet:

Out With the Old

Start with re-organizing your clothes. Women’s clothing is changing to meet the fashion mood of the fashion industry. Therefore, let's edit down the items in your closet. Do you feel overwhelmed when you open your closet door?

If so, be like Oprah Winfrey and go through your clothes and donate clothes you have not worn and probably will not wear within the next few months. Get rid of clothes and accessories that are worn, stained, torn, and items that just don’t fit anymore.

Doorway to Beauty

Speaking of doors, yes, this is a space that you can use smartly. Use a shoe organizer and hang that on the inside of the door. Clear shoe organizers allow you to see what each pocket holds. Shoe organizers can be used for shoes and accessories. Your accessories that can be placed inside each shoe slot can include a hairdryer, comb and brush, socks, and scarves. Simply use your organized imagination.

Shelving Your Personals

Another smart idea if your closet has a tall ceiling is to either purchase a tall shelving unit from a retail store or from a second-hand store to house almost anything. There are many open shelving ideas to organize your clothing. Open shelves can house sweaters, handbags, folded jeans, and much more. Place fun and attractive-looking baskets on the shelves to serve as dividers and to use the baskets for many storage items.

Bin Up Your Closet

Plastic bins of all sizes are underappreciated. But if used properly, they can save you organization time for your closets. You can put everything in bins and placing them in your closet is a great idea. Clear plastic bins can hold your clothes, shoes, and accessories. Use colorful labels to identify what you have placed inside of them. Model Olivia Culpo uses bins in her closet with handwritten labels. Bins can fit perfectly inside any size closet, especially if you have a closet that you can barely turn around in.

Tiered Hangers

How about using tiered hangers? If you never thought of using tiered hangars, try it! You'll be surprised at how much space you save. Lightweight chain link hangers are easily available in retail stores. You can hang up to six shortened clothing items, like shirts, skirts, jackets, and pants if your tiered hangers feature looped sections.

Hook Up Your Closet

Use your wall space to organize your closet by adding colorful and decorative hooks. You will create plenty of hanging space with various types of hooks. Hooks help small closet spaces to be freed up even in tight or awkward closet areas. Due to the diversity in hook designs, they can be used to hang many clothing items and a variety of accessories. Hooks are budget-friendly, and organization never looked so good in your closet.

Lighting Is Everything

Your closet is important in organizing your clothes and/or accessories, but there is a design idea that most people overlook. This is to give your closet a part of your personality. Let’s start with the idea of lighting.

If your closet is not as large as a bedroom like most celebrities, then your little closet area can be more functional and comfortable with the right LED lighting fixture. Remember that incandescent bulbs or halogen bulbs get too hot for your closet space.

Advanced LED light fixtures and bulbs can be purchased as battery-operated tools that you can place anywhere in your closet. If you already have a ceiling bulb fixture, treat yourself to a soft fluorescent hue.

Beautify Your Closet for Comfort

Decorate your closet like you do the rest of your home. Add personal touches to your closet. That’s right, use patterned rugs, stools, chairs, photos, decorative accessories, and more. You can even wallpaper or paint your closet walls to make entering your closet a place that makes you feel happy when you open the doors. Make your closet a functional area to hold all of your clothing and accessories.

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