Fashion Trends

Tie Front Top Trend

Fashion always comes back and it is an old saying that old is gold. The fashion trend of the 90s has also come back which was tied front top trend. This is a new way of wearing the top and this style has become very famous.

Every year brings with it new fashion trends that people who are fashion conscious adopt instantly. For the upcoming season it is the fashion trend: photo print dresses that is very interesting to look at and the designers have used this concept quite ama

The nation celebrates and pays tribute to those whose hard work and perseverance led to the making of Pakistan.

The auspicious religious festival of Eid ul Fitar is approaching and everyone is in the hunt of trends and styles for looking gorgeous and more glamorous on this event. There a guide for you to rock this Eid ul Fitar.

Hawaiian Print Trends

With the end of the Spring season and Summer 2013 knocking on our doors, it's crucial to keep up with the changing trends and this Summer ladies is going to be all about the Hawaiian Print Trends once again.

As new styles in fashion emerge, the trendy camel hump has successfully made a comfortable position in Dubai fashion world. Majority of the women in Dubai wear Abaya and cover their heads with scarves or veil. Now they have adopted the style of camel hump

Experience this new trend in this summer. In summers, majority of people avoid over makeup and love to go with neutral and soft makeup. Here are some tips regarding neutral eye shadow for summer. You can have naturally beautiful eyes by using neutral eye

Micro trends are basically very minor trends of the any marketplace but over some period of time they influence the economy of the country in an indirect way. Many micro trends have evolved in Pakistan among them the micro trend: Plastic fantastic seem to

Feel blue is the season’s most eye catching trend. Here are 13 ways to freshen up your wardrobe by adding basic blues denim in this spring. You will love to try these new basic blue denim trends.

Short shirts will give you a stylish look as well as a source of comfort and luxury for you. If you are going for shopping for summer then you must keep in mind the new trend of short shirts.