Fashion Trends

As we are heading toward New Year eve, Leslie, The Most Powerful Stylist by The Hollywood Reporter teamed up with and conduct a survey, she concluded a list of what’s hot and what’s not.

With Christmas and new Year Eve just around the corner, every woman demands something that keeps her posted about the Christmas party fashion trends to implement the holiday spirits in all its essence.

Green is such a cool color. It has many splendid shades and contrasts. However, be careful to wear this color in small portion, otherwise you risk turning from a princess into a frog.

As the weather changes, investing in good warm clothes for your kids is necessary. And while you invest in necessary pieces, adhering to fall/fashion trends may seem daunting. Follow these simple steps to ensure that your kids look on trend in fall and wi

Imagine yourself walking out of your house every single day, perfectly prepared to look gorgeous as well as feel comfortably warm on a cold snowy morning. You put on your furry urges, your woolen hat, and your elegant coat on top of which, without fail, y

80s trends are cool again, as it was the golden era of fashion industry. Many new fashions were introduced such as jumpsuits, trousers, different new colors which made fashion more colorful. Now all these trends are back but with more new things.

In the world of style and fashion, floppy hats of 70’s are a prominent comeback of fall season. In New York fashion week floppy hats were of main concentration of many viewers.

Fall days aren't far away. I know that you are planing to change you wardrobe according to fall. But from warm outfits to cozy scarfs, shoes to accessories you should change your hairstyle too.

Spring/Summer 2013 makeup trend carries vibrant and hot colors we can´t wait to try for. Spring/Summer is all about experimenting new colors and brings out best in creativity.

With coming fall season, fashion trends and flairs also changes. Fall fashion trends exquisitely represent a combination of solid warm colors and graceful designs.