Depilex is the epitome of glamour and fashion in Pakistani fashion industry, with almost all the actors and actress get ready for their serials from Depilex and one creative fashion stylist behind the grand name is stylist Musarrat Misbah.
A graduate from St. Josepha’s college Karachi, Stylist Musarrat Misbah started her beauty salons, back in 1980’s, when there were only few big beauty salons with the latest make-up techniques. Stylist Musarrat Misbah has got proper training of make-up and beauty therapy. Stylist Musarrat Misbah has obtained extensive training from some of the renowned beauty and fashion centers of the world including France, Britain, Germany and the United States. Stylist Musarrat Misbah has done advanced courses in hair and skin treatments as well as makeup techniques from Europe and has availed the opportunity to teach Beauty Therapy at the West of England College of Beauty Therapy and the Shaw College, UK.

In addition to that, stylist Musarrat Misbah has secured diplomas from ITEC, SEPTEC, CEDESCO, British Electrolysis Association, WFSHS, IPB and Barbara Solomone Conservatory. Besides, she has also been an international examiner for various beauty examination boards. Stylist Musarrat Misbah also has to her credit, the position of make-up artist at the universal studios. The Stylist Musarrat Misbah created a new market with the introduction of using latest beauty products and make-up techniques with a new mood. Since then, Depilex is its own unique, outstanding, and incomparable position in the Pakistani style & Fashion world.  
Stylist Musarrat Misbah
is a soft & kind hearted lady with many God gifted talents. She is Pakistan's first beauty expert, who initiated the trend of professional beauty salons in the country. Before Depilex, the concept of a professional salon was not present in Pakistan.

Due to the consistency and hard work, Stylist Musarrat Misbah has launched various branches of Depilex in different cities of Pakistan. Besides, Depilex is gaining international popularity with the launch of another branch in foreign country. Depilex now has 23 branches in Pakistan and one in Dubai, UAE. In Pakistan there are three branches located in Karachi, six in Lahore and three in Islamabad, three in Peshawar, two in Rawalpindi, and each one in Sialkot, Gujranwala, Mardan, Abbottabad and Faisalabad. Besides them, now Depilex is planning to open new branches in England and the US.

Depilex has worked in different ventures with many top beauticians, designers and brands. Other than changing the looks of Fashion models in the Fashion industry, Depilex has also honor to change the looks of Pakistan Film and Showbiz industry, as majority of the Film and Showbiz industry celebrities are the clients of Depilex. In addition to this, Stylist Musarrat Misbah takes films projects for the make-up over of the actors & actresses, throughout the movie. Depilex also participated in various T.V magazines shows, commercials, as well as off screen Fashion shows.

Depilex Beauty Clinic offer services and courses in the institute include professional image, sterilization and sanitation, advanced skin care, color theory, Aromatherapy and professional makeup techniques which include skincare, facials, weight reduction techniques, client consultation and skin analysis, caring for the client, massages, manicure and pedicure, waxing, threading, bleach, henna application, personal grooming and many more. Another chief achievement of Stylist Musarrat Misbah and Depilex was the opening of first professional men's salon in Pakistan by the name of Depilex Men, in Lahore.


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