Sabs Salon
Pakistani Bridal Makeup Tips

Karachi based Sabs Salon is among the biggest and renowned beauty salons of Pakistan, which is run by a team of professionals led by fashion stylist Saba Ansari.

Saba Ansari, the winner of Indus Nesvita Style Award and Lux Style Awards in the category of hair and makeup, has made a remarkable place in the Pakistani fashion industry in the last 10 years by her hard work, creativity and large scale projects that have left everyone in awe.

Sabs Salon, since its inception in 2001, has grown to become industry’s professional and reliable beauty salon amidst the presence of leading styling giants like Nabila’s, Ather Shehzad, Tariq Ameen and Depilex amongst others.

Sabs Salon is satisfying & facilitating the clients by providing them number of services like hair styling, coloring, haircuts, many types of massages and facials, even slimming treatments and most importantly makeovers, especially the Bridal make-up, which has become one of the specialty of Sabs Salon. In addition to that, there is an entire team of skilled and trained 30 experts in the Sabs Salon working tremendously to give their clientele the best of beauty. 



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