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There are always two people in every picture:  the photographer and the viewer. 
Ansel Adams
The business of fashion in Pakistan is growing day by day. Among all the aspects of fashion, the photography is one of the most technical and artistic job requires not only natural talent but also polished skills, technical education and experienced hands along with latest equipment. Photography is one of the most successful businesses of the Pakistani fashion industry. However, to be a photographer in a competitive industry like Pakistan is not an easy job. It requires a lot of potential, professionalism, high technical education and above all latest and modern equipment that can enhance the results of photography. Since world is now a global market so a photographer of the Pakistani fashion industry should be well aware of the competition he has to face from all over the world.
No doubt, a fashion photographer can be regarded as the backbone of any fashion industry in the world. Because, only a true fashion photographer can lead the fashion industry of the country to the heights of success and glory. When we talk about the fashion photographers of Pakistan, it would be impossible to ignore the elegant name of Shahid Malik who, by sheer dint of his talent and skills of photography, lead country’s fashion industry to the heights and glory of success that can be easily compared with the fashion hub of the worlds like France, Germany, America and Spain.

Shahid Malik is a London based fashion photographer who is not only on the professional board of many magazines and T.V channels but also works as a free lancer for many fashion magazines and television channels. Shahid Malik is one of the few photographers of the world who has made success within short span of time. He is one of the most popular photographers of the Pakistani Fashion Industry. In an interview, Shahid Malik himself stated that he is crazy for his profession and has been trying to give his maximum efforts to the profession since he started professional photography for the Pakistan fashion industry. The most special thing of Shahid Malik’s photography is that he always tries to give new ideas and creative works to the fashion industry. Unlike many other photographers of the industry, Shahid Malik holds different view about his profession. He seems not to believe in the traditional photography and photo shoot of the models but always tries to give what is new and what is peculiar to the industry. This is one of the reasons because of which we found no match of Shahid Malik in the Pakistani fashion industry. It would be interesting to mention that the Shahid Malik is not only the photographer but he also shares his experiences in the popular magazines in form of articles. He has also been hired by the television channels to shoot professionally.

Shahid Malik, a creative photographer:
The main reason behind the success and glory of the fashion photographer Shahid Malik is his sense of creativity and uniqueness in his photographic assignments. Shahid Malik is always famous for his creative works through the lens of his camera. His concepts are always unique and innovative, his ideas are always new and appealing, his skills are polished and his attitude towards the fashion photography is unimaginable. These things have made Shahid Malik a famous and successful photographer of the fashion industry of the Pakistan. The famous Ansel Adams is reported to have said that there are always two people in every picture; the one is photographer and the other is viewer. It seems that the Shahid Malik has learned, perhaps, well from the stated quote. The fashion fans can see and differentiate the photographes of Shahid Malik from hundereds because they can see the Shahid Malik style, creativeness and ideals in the photographs.

Achievements of Shahid Malik:
It would be surprising to know that the fashion photographer Shahid Malik is not just a traditional photographer but he is also a famous professional, elegant writer of his field, a good critic of photography and on the board of many famous TV channels from around the world. Shahid Malik is a London based photographer who happened to play a vital role in the fashion industry of the Pakistan. No doubt his unique ideas, creative thinking and marvelous photography have made the Pakistan fashion industry proud and of competition to the developed fashion industries of the world:
  • Shahid Malik’s abilities are well established and demonstrated in the book named Principle of Advanced Natural Medicine Diagnostics. The pictures in the book are results of working of Shahid Malik. The color scheme, elegant photographs, and well edited pictures clearly show the abilities of the famous fashion photographer Shahid Malik.
  • Shahid Malik’s writings can be found in the popular fashion magazines of Pakistan. The list of these magazines who are beautified with the works of Shahid Malik is too long to mention here. However, some of them are Asiana, Visage Magazine, Weddings, Asian Bride, New, Health, Times of India and many more.
  • Shahid Malik is also one of the few photographers who are privileged to attend the international fashion weeks and fashion shows. In the international fashion world, fashion weeks and fashion shows, Shahid Malik has always proved his creative styles of photography.
  • It would be surprising to know that the Shahid Malik is not the photographer confined to Pakistan fashion industry but his horizon is broad to international level. He has been working with many TVchannels like MBC, Fashion TV, Geo TV, Islamic TV, Channel 4 and many more.

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