Saba Qamar

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Saba Qamar
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One of the Pakistan’s emerging hot fashion models and drama actresses of Lahore, Saba Qamars have got the attractive features. She has also got ideal 5’ 7’’ height and a perfect fashion model figure. She is smart enough in every aspect to be a good model & actress. 

She is marvelously making her prominent place in the fields of acting and modeling from the last three years. She has done different T.V dramas, commercials, editorials, Tele films and also presented her guts on the fashion ramps as well. According to her ‘I like Fashion ramp because it gives me worth’. She has earned maximum fame in the field of T.V commercials through the advertisement of 'Super Biscuits’. 

She has so many dreams and plans practically to fly on the heights, as she has mentioned once while giving the fashion shoot for a beauty salon that she want to fly high in the sky like a free bird. She loves three things of her life majorly and considers them to be the most important; her family, freedom and her work. Infect hard work and sincerity with the work makes her one of the shining star of the Pakistani showbiz and Fashion industry.

By shining on the T.V screen and on fashion ramps, Saba Qamar is smoothly making her place among the top Pakistani actress and models.


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