Meesha Shafi

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Meesha Shafi
Men's Bag

Meesha Shafi is doing modeling, acting and now she is planning to make a renowned position in the field of singing as well. She joined a musical band and now working with them. She is busy in doing concerts and recording of their album. She will soon release her album whenever got the right time. She along with her band has very good expectations with the upcoming album. According to Misha Shafi, whole band is very creative and energetic.

She is doing her best in different projects at one time but generally she likes to be known as an Artist. She is on the view that an artist is a creative and talented person and she was also a painter in her college. Common public mostly know her as an actress, might be because of her mother and fashion people know her as a cute fashion model. On the contrary she wants to be known as a singer.

Misha Shafi also proved herself on the grounds of acting as well and did some well recognized T.V plays. Her major plays were Muhabbat Khawab ki Soorat and ‘Ye Zindagi tu WO Nahi’ etc.

According to Misha if people can do justice with their work then they should do whatever they want.


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April 12th, 2009 07:22 PM by Anonymous

You don't look good, baby!

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October 2nd, 2011 06:13 PM by Numan Rabbani

she is so pretty and cute, ^^troll alert

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