Voila PR
Voila PR began practicing in public relations in June 2011 in Karachi. The firm has significantly broadened its reach in providing Event Marketing, Public Relations and Social Media Networking to various organizations in the country. We strive to generate a significant increase in hype for various brands of fashion, beauty and food. With ever changing marketing strategies we keep up with the latest trends to increase awareness for our clients. The growing definition of Public Relations now involves more than simply the media. Using tools such as blogging and Facebook, we strive to expand our client’s brand by making them easily identifiable in order to reach out to consumers.
Each day Voila PR strives to achieve goals for clients by continuously reaching new heights. We keep our client’s needs in the forefront to satisfy expectations. Voila PR’s knowledge on brand management provides a comprehensive approach towards brand image creation and marketing.
Voila PR is skilled in fashion, beauty as well as restaurants across all media in Pakistan. The Voila PR team consists of individuals ranging from fresh graduates with talent for creative edge as well as professionals with an educational background in management, marketing, advertising, finance and journalism that provides the team a wider understanding of business scenarios. Voila PR’s team has developed contacts at various print and online media. The client services team gets through to the right links in the media by being confident, persuasive, and devoted to getting their clients publicity. They are hands-on in reaching out to the media about their clients while having a broad understanding of the media.
A consistent offering of top quality advertisements and promotions has helped Voila PR become one of the fastest growing PR agencies in Pakistan.
At Voila PR, we speak for you!

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