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Bunto Kazmi
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Pakistani Fashion industry has a prominent position in the international Fashion market, because of the style icons working in it.

Talking about style mania, most of the credit directly goes to those who actually create style, the Fashion designers. The innovations of the Pakistani Fashion designers have make the country acknowledged in the style and fashion world, globally. One of the outstanding & leading designers of the country is the Fashion designer Bunto Kazmi, who belongs to the Mughlai family. The biggest inspirations of the Fashion designer Bunto Kazmi comes from the Mughal Empire. 

This might be the reason that Fashion designer Bunto Kazmi mostly gives cultural/traditional touch to her designed outfits but in a modern & unique way. Fashion designer Bunto Kazmi have also availed the chance of representing her designed assortment & the Pakistani Fashion industry, in India. Fashion designer Bunto Kazmi has exhibited the clothes with the textures like Jamevar weaves and Persian embellishments. The uniqueness in ideas & quality work of the Fashion designer Bunto Kazmi makes her eminent.  

Fashion designer Bunto Kazmi understands the art of craftsmanship, which is the key point to prepare a perfect dress. Prêt collection is one of the specialties of the Fashion designer Bunto Kazmi and it always gain much appreciation on ramp as well. Not just the outfits, but Fashion designer Bunto Kazmi is successfully running a complete designed showroom, named Kazmi household.

Another reason behind the success of the Fashion designer Bunto Kazmi is her supportive husband and in-laws, specially her mother in-law. It would be true, if we will say that the Fashion designer Bunto Kazmi is like a Designing Academy.

The most important thing with the designs of Fashion designer Bunto Kazmi is that they reflects our Pakistani customs on the ramp, both nationally and internationally.

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