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Deepak Perwani
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Pakistani Fashion industry is shining like a star on the sky of glorious Fashion world. The reason of the success of the Pakistani Fashion industry is the ‘Devoted People’ working in it, to make it more striking. One of the categories of these people is the ‘Fashion designers’. Fashion designers are giving their best input in the enhancement of Pakistani Fashion industry.

One of the well-reputed and brilliant Fashion designers is ‘Deepak Parwani’, born in 1974 in a Hindu Sindhi community of Pakistan. Deepak Parwani is more famous for Men’s dress designing; he is one of those Fashion designers who work very hard in establishing the Men’s Fashion in Pakistan. He is running his own Boutique in Pakistan. The most claimed statement about the dress designing of Fashion designer Deepak Parwani for Men’s wear, is his Signs that represents Power and Men’s confidence; but in a stylish way.

Fashion designer Deepak Parwani has set his signature name by the name of himself, “Deepak Parwani”. This man is not just a man but an icon. Fashion designer Deepak Parwani never follows the traditional or ongoing Fashion statement of the country; rather he makes ‘his own’. The theory behind the designing style of Fashion designer Deepak Parwani is that he tells people ‘what to wear’ and ‘how to carry’; instead of what people tell him he should design.

Fashion designer Deepak Parwani has also participated in several national and international Fashion shows and showcased his designing items. Like the Dubai Fashion show, and the Zargalli premier, are the places where Fashion designer Deepak Parwani has earned a lot of fame and appreciation. Fashion designer Deepak Parwani is also a winner of LUX and Indus Style awards. The creative department of Fashion designer Deepak Parwani is not only restricted within the boundaries of Men’s wear like Groom Sherwani, embroidered Kurta, and Shirts but he also designs the Bridal wear along with bridal accessories, Saries and formal wear. At 23 he was chosen to be the brand ambassador for the World Gold Council and later for Dupont Lycra. He participated in the launch show of ABN Amro in Pakistan and went on to do collaborations with Mercedes Benz, Benson & Hedges, and Hugo Boss Fragrances to name a few.

The most interesting and noteworthy achievement in the part of Fashion designer Deepak Parwani, which makes him prominent from all other Fashion designers is his entry into the ‘Guinness Book of World Records’. Yes, the innovations of the Fashion designer Deepak Parwani have reached up-to that position; he created “The World’s largest Kurta” of 101 feet tall and 59 feet 3 inches wide in 2007. The Kurta made by Fashion designer Deepak Parwani with the help of a team of 50 hardworking professional tailors within a time period of 30 days, weighs 800 kg and is large enough to be worn by a 175-foot tall person. The world’s largest Kurta is made-up of 800 yards of cotton blend fabric

According to Fashion designer Deepak Perwani, "the kurta is an intrinsic symbol of Pakistani attire, and (this garment) has successfully put it on the global map. A kurta represents the essence of what we are and defines our individuality in today's world." Deepak Parwani‘s Kurta aims to give inspiration for others to make smaller Kurtas like this, according to the Pakistani cultural context. The earnings he’ll get by this will be donated to the Pakistani children's NGO, Edhi Foundation. In Fashion Pakistan Week 5, Deepak Perwani showcased his prêt collection titled, “Frieda Goes to Khardar”.

Deepak Perwani is currently working on the AHAN project initiated by SMEDA to lend support to180 women in Mirpurkhas, Sukkur, Mithi , Ambh and Mirpur Sakro in a bid to alleviate poverty and help the poor women of Sindh earn sustainable livelihoods. His collection was recently shown at the Pakistani High Commission in London under the patronage of the outgoing ambassador Dr. Maliha Lodhi. The Deepak Perwani label has 5 stores in Pakistan and retails through 17 stockists worldwide.

Fashion designer Deepak Parwani lives with the philosophy of ‘live and let live’ and this might be the reason of his tremendous success.


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