Rizwan Beyg

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Rizwan Beyg

Pakistani Fashion industry is full of talented and hard working people. One of the sparkling names is fashion designer Rizwan Beyg. Fashion designer is no doubt one of the top class designers of the Pakistani fashion industry. Fashion designer has started his career as designer when the trend of consulting fashion designer was not so much popular in our country. At that time Fashion designer created some drastic changes in the fashion world and proved himself as a deep-seated person with breaking some old fashion restriction. The fashion designer has been serving the industry since 1986. 

Fashion designer Rizwan started his work by integrating the ideas that how beautiful Pakistani women are but hoe poorly they are dressed. Fashion Designer Rizwan took this as challenge and acquired an initiative as a designer. In the initial days of his career Fashion designer Rizwan was called to put together a fashion show for charity and overnight Rizwan became the talk of the town. Fashion Designer is now working on both women and men’s wear. 

Since then Fashion designer Beyg is establishing and creating latest and unique designs on the fabrics.  Fashion designer is also very much famous in producing Bridal wears with the beautiful embellishments, also for well-cut designs and luminous hues. Fashion designer Rizwan is the first Pakistani fashion designer who introduced printed & designer’s voile and cotton fabric that catches the attention of the people at large extent; as it is really astonishing and affordable as well. Fashion Designer Rizwan Beyg also knows very well that how to play with colors in the outfits; this might be the reason that he is highly appreciated because of the colors combinations and contrasts. 

Fashion designer Rizwan Beyg is now proudly serving his country at the international level and he represents his country as a fashion ambassador. Fashion designer has been covering fashion shows as fashion designer throughout the world, especially in India & Dubai and showing his devotion towards his work.

According to Fashion Designer Rizwan he is not a Fashion victim sort of person but he easily makes others fashion victims through his outstanding designs.



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