Umar Sayeed

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Umar Sayeed
Fashion Designer

Mark Twain, a famous 18th century American author says. "Cloths make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society." If that is the case, then Umar Sayeed makes cloths that not only make the man, but the image... and most important, the woman. Umar is a name synonymous with ultra-chic and understated glamour; hence he is one of the biggest designers in Pakistan.

His name alone, invokes images embellished in kaleidoscopic colors, flowing chiffons and plush silken textiles. His creations comprise of luxurious details such as hand beading and the dazzling craftsmanship. Whether regal, playful or floral, embellishment adds a layer of welcome individuality and romance to his creations.

Umar has long been a leading name in haute couture in Pakistan, where his romantic, diamante-encrusted evening and bridal wear has also attractive brides-to-be from various countries. Umar applies modern touches to traditional styles and as his design empire has grown, so has his rolodex full of clients all over the world. His western creations herald the same feminine appeal as the eastern ones and the end result - classically regal, yet unmistakably sexy.

The sartorial elegance, detailing and freshness in his clothes have quickly won him kudos from the fashion world. Silhouette, embellishments, palette, motifs, all seem to bow in front of Umar Sayeed - perhaps that is why he is the only who knows the secret to creating an ever-lasting spell of beauty.


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