Sundus Nawaz

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Sundus Nawaz
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Sundus Nawaz is a young entrepreneur from Lahorewho runs her brand ‘Mosaic’. She is a graduate from the Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design in 2010 with further diploma training from Paris Ecole De La ChambreSyndicale in 2009, Pieces fromher final thesis collection “Harajuku Doll” were selected to showcase at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion week 2010 in Karachi.
She has worked at high street retail brand Stoneage as a designer for theirwomenswear for one year and also worked as consultant designer for different brands. She is professional wall artist and art replicator and is currently working as an Editor for fashion magazine FAQ. She has been affiliated with the SOS Orphanage Children’s Village for the last five years and has always aspired to do a fashion show forchildren.
MOSAIC is designed by Sundus Nawaz. Young Entrepreneur from "LAHORE "fashion capital of Pakistan bring forward her expertise in beautiful designed clothing lines.We assure wearing Sundus designed clothes will make you feel special and help you stand out from rest of the crowd.

She has passion to create new exciting and unique style of fashion in a contemporary way, which makes every woman graceful and elegant.

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