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An Anthropology BA from Bard College, New York, prepared Javeri for observing the world while photography enabled him to frame it through a camera lens. Both as an artist using mixed media (oils and photos) and a photographer, Tapu Javeri has always believed in a strategy of shock and awe, sometimes combining erotic themes with organic imagery at other times generating cheeky, ironic images that redefine the public’s notion of celebrities. In the 90’s he worked on the avante garde magazine Xtra as Photo Editor with co-author Arif Mahmood, painting a bathtub gold for actor Resham and coating boy band Awaz in luminous paint offset by black light. His work has appeared in numerous publications including Herald, Newsline, Gallerie (India) and Visage.
Javeri moonlights as a jewellery designer, which is his family business. The influence seeps into his photography which is often marked by eye-popping colour. It is also evident in his tee shirt range, Tapu’s Tees and his kaleidoscopic photo-video of Karachi which merges thousands of images. He is the author of four previous photography books, ‘I voyeur, Shades of Green, Tapulicious and Dou Rukh. He draws on this diverse career to teach photography to aspiring photographers at Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture.
At the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, Tapu Javeri showcased his Spring/Summer line of prints, bags and scarfs tilted ‘Tapulicious’. The collection draws inspiration from the architecture of the Karachi city of old. In this collection, Tapu channels the concept of wearable art, a notion he first explored with his 2011 exhibition called KaraChakra, where he exhibited manipulated images of Pakistan creating chakras, akin to the kaleidoscopic prints of a
Shamiana, onto bags and scarves. Indeed this Tapulicious collection is an evolution of that same idea, taking photographic images and manipulating them into wearable art in the form of prints on bags, clothes and scarves. Expect four distinct print capsule collections, with each having its own identity as interpreted by four different fashion designers. The four names along with their corresponding Silk print collections are; Sadaf Malaterre - classic KaraChakra Scarf prints; Adnan Padesey - Monochromatic Pixelated Karachi prints; Wardha Saleem - Sepia Buildings with Gun & Roses prints and Rizwan Beyg - Twisted KaraChakra. Tapu has used shocking, monochromatic and sepia colors on printed silks for this collection with key trends such as silk prints, matching scarves, bags and Tapulicious jewellery being highlighted.

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