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Kiran Fine Jewellery
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A multi faceted personality, Kiran Aman is a jewellery designer and an entrepreneur credited for her versatility and creativity in all her fields of work.

Kiran launched her eponymous jewellery label Kiran Fine Jewellery in 2003 and each collection created has remained symbolic of the women for whom she designs. She strongly believes that her jewellery design aesthetic is often a manifestation and indeed an extension of her emotions. Kiran has received accolades for her work in jewellery design, which includes most recently, the Nesvita.
Women of Strength award for best jewellery designer in 2009. She also presented an exclusive line of Kiran Fine Jewellery at The Musik Awards in 2008 and her coveted jewellery collection entitled “Revived”at the 2007 Citigold Lux Style Awards, among other ceremonies.

Kiran launched her own concept jewellery store in Karachi for Kiran Fine jewellery in May 2010, introducing Sonya Battla as her first brand ambassador.
Kiran Fine Jewellery revealed the ‘Markings’ collection, a one off symbolic piece which signified the marks one leaves along the path of life. In 2010, Kiran launched her collection, ‘Time Scripts Man. Man Scripts Time’, blended the old with the new to present designs that provoke nostalgia while treading a modern edge and in 2011, she launched her exclusive collection entitled ‘Meet Your Void’, based on the idea of the suspension of irregular shaped stones held by uneven textured gold but in the harmony of balanced designs. In December 2012 Kiran showcased a boutique jewellery collection at the PFDC L’Oréal Paris Bridal Week to much acclaim and most recently, in February of 2012 designed  jewellery for Pakistani Oscar winner Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy who wore her pieces  to the 84th annual Academy Award ceremony.

Kiran has received accolades for her work in jewellery design, which includes the Nesvita Women of Strength award for best jewellery designer. She also received the Al Karam Woman of the Nation award for her outstanding contribution to the field of jewellery design on International Women's Day 2012.

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