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Al Karam
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Alkaram has taken the same initiative to place itself as a brand actively involved in furthering the cause for Women’s development. The Alkaram Textile Brand essence “To Look and Feel beautiful is every woman’s right” in itself celebrates the individuality of women on a daily basis.

The idea behind the brand is not only to look beautiful but also “feel” beautiful, and with this in mind, Alkaram has joined hands with the renowned Behbud Foundation to further their cause. The foundation focuses on working towards underprivileged sections of our society, primarily on women and children. The scope of work involves health services, education, vocational training and opportunities for income generation. Alkaram is donating a percentage of its sales from the Spring/Summer 2012 collection sales at the alkaram studio to the Behbud Foundation to actively develop the status of women in our society.

Alkaram hosted and event on 8th of March is a blatant celebration of young women in our society worthy of recognition. The event encompasses a spectrum of fields from which women have been nominated by a reputed panel of judges for the alkaram “Women of the Nation Award”.


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