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Trial N Error
Fashion Pakistan Week 2010

Pakistani fashion label Trial N Error has assumed a special place in Pakistan fashion industry with its light mood and vivacious yet trendy outfits for women with Pakistani fashion designer Pashmina Ahmed being the lady behind Trial N Error who has made her fashion brand visible in millions of Pakistani fashion labels.

Pashmina Ahmed, the creative director of Pakistani fashion label Trial N Error was born in London and graduated from London College of Fashion. Her utmost goal is to feast people with admiring silhouettes carrying their own fashion statement and to bestow them with original fashion wear yet her style is freaky and diverse though she believes to blend them in fashion proficiently.

The co-founder of Trial N Error Faatina was born in Chicago and is Business Development Director of fashion label Trial N Error. She has graduated in Marketing Management and moved to the Middle East to work in fashion field with brands such as Dior, Marc Jacobs, and Louis Vuitton. Faatina has a watchful eye as a trend expert and helps her clients deciding that where, when and how to market and launch their products. Thus the beauty and style together are the indigenous factors vivid in Trial N Error fashion collections. last year fashion label Trial N Error 2010 collection was showcased at Fashion Pakistan week 2010 that contains all the fashion assortments with captivating colors and playful designs.

Under the umbrella of such vigilant designers fashion label Trial N Error includes amalgamation of plush fabrics with sequin embellishments and innovative detailing mostly dominated by black with ruling of gold, glittery pink and soothing blue creating specially for working, outgoing and social women who wish to don luxury outfits having ultra seduction. The founders of Trial N Error, Pashmina & Faatina produce such outfits keeping the demands and pre-requisites of women by drawing theme from inspirational real women and real stories.


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