Sana Safinaz

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Sana Safinaz
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Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Munir are the two creative genius and innovative designers behind the famous brand Sana Safinaz. No doubt, the untiring efforts of the both designers have made Sana Safinaz one of the most popular and famous brand of Pakistan as far as women wearing is concerned.

Sana Safinaz is famous for its innovative decency beautiful use of colors in very graceful manner. It has been said that the choice of sophisticated women is always Sana Safinaz as well as the fashion is concerned. The beauty of the Sana Safinaz is the presentation of eastern culture with a great difference from the Indian designers and Indian colors. Sana Safinaz fashion range is not limited with the classical fabric or bridals’ wearing but it is always been traditional and modern at the same time.

Techniques of Sana Safinaz:

In an interview, Sana Hashwani responded to the question that she always thinks of life while designing anything. This is one of the basic reasons of the colorful prints and eye-catching visuals of the collection of the Sana Safinaz. It is also reported that the chemistry of Sana and Safinaz is the real reason behind the marvelous designs of the Sana Safinaz. They uses to be the critical observer of the work of her partner Sana and that’s how a perfect thing comes to us from the house of Sana Safinaz.

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