Term and Description
1. Marriag

To glimpse the marriage in your dream indicates commitment, synchronization or time to have some transitional phase. Marriage shows that you might face some significant progressed period of your life.
To see marriage also point outs the amalgamation of your previously disconnect or contradictory features. Specifically, it can also be the unification of you masculine or feminine aspects. Do not forget to consider the behavior and characteristics of the person that you are going to marry. These are the attributes that you need to look at integrating within yourself.

Other then these nice meanings about dreaming marriage, to dream about the proposal of marriage, recommend that some situation can take a turn towards some bad situation.

Besides all the above, if you have dreamt that you are getting married to your ex, it suggests that you have acknowledged characteristics of that relationship and learned a lot from your previous mistakes. Comparatively, it also means that a current relationship, you are in have some common things with your past relationship, with your ex. though you will try not to repeat those same mistakes. 

Other then love marriage, if you dream that you are having an arrange marriage, it means that you are feeling forced to do something you don’t want to do. You are might be in a fix and feeling that you have no voice or no choice in that state of affairs.

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