Humaira Arshad’s Husband Arrested Over Giving Life Threats

Humaira Arshad
Humaira Arshad

Actor Ahmed Butt in police custody after quarrel with wife Humaira Arshad.

Difference between singer Humaira Arshad and her husband and actor Ahmed Butt intensified further on Wednesday when thet exchanged harsh words with each other which resulted in a scuffle between the couple. The situation worsened further when both of them sought help from their brothers who reached their house and also jumped into the fight.

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After getting information, police reached the spot and arrested singer’s brother along with Ahmed Butt and his brothers. Police have also registered case against both the parties and started investigation. Humaira Arshad has accused that her husband tried to snatch the child from her. On the other hand, Ahmed Butt has blamed that Humaira wanted to keep the child away from him.

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