Relationships are perhaps one of the most vital aspects of human life as they not only cater to the demands and needs of person but correlate them to that of another person, both of whom are destined socially, religiously or legally to spend the rest of their lives together. While most people in Pakistan don’t opt to make this choice themselves and in a large percentage of them, especially for girls, they aren’t even aware that the choices might have already been made for them.

While relationships tend to give you the idea of eternal love and endless support it must be understood that in a society such as ours where such choices are kept silent from those involved, the consequences of these can be horrid. Relationships that are categorized as arranged marriages are a fundamental concept of society where illiteracy and dogmatism have taken over the minds of our people.

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The wedding season is around the corner and people are fussing about the perfect place for their wedding to take place in. Pakistani weddings are famous for their bright, colorful and grand celebrations. Pakistani wedding functions start almost a month before the actual wedding day. Creative ideas, pretty jewelry, traditional clothes, music and dancing are some of the things that can be witnessed at a typical Pakistani wedding.

Pakistani weddings are a perfect blend of traditions and fun. The whole family and friends get together and share happy moments. The Pakistani weddings are a reason to look good, have fun and cherish the moments. The brides dresses to her makeup, the groom’s sherwanis and other clothes to the gifts exchanged between the two families, everything is so important but all this and much more, nothing can be done without choosing the best venue for your special day. Continue reading…

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Matha patti is the first wedding jewelry piece that you notice when you look at the beautiful face of a bride. Matha patti has been popular in the Southern India for centuries. It is now gaining popularity in Pakistan for the last couple of decades. Matha patti has gained so much admiration in Pakistan that it is becoming an essential part of the Pakistani wedding jewelry trend.

Matha patti is simple replacement of jhoomer. It is like two strings attached to the tikka falling on either side of the forehead along the hairline. It gives an instant glamorous look to the bride and makes her look special on her wedding day. Matha patti, being an essential part of the wedding jewelry, now comes in different metals and embellishments. It normally matches the wedding jewelry set of the bride and compliments the wedding dress.

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Wedding trends have changed overtime. They are no more the traditional weddings where the girl and boy had no interaction before marriage and therefore, every arrangement was done by the family. The latest wedding trend depicts that the couples follow DIY (do it yourself) wedding tradition. They can customize their weddings by saving money and enjoying it completely.

The latest summer weddings trends tells us that the wedding dresses should be vintage and retro-inspired with a new bend. We will get to see the beautiful textured clothes made with cap sleeves. People prefer natural but air conditioned settings in the summer weddings where they can enjoy wearing makeup and exquisite accessories. Wedding is all about photo booths customized with actual and set areas along with draped-cloth backdrop. This is extremely important when talking about wedding trends because couples need to cherish memories later on by making sure that every moment is captured best on their wedding day. Continue reading…

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