In this exclusive article for Fashion Central, top designers from across the country tell us what colors they feel are in vogue for the upcoming Autumn-Winter.  Listen to some of the country’s most influential fashion voices share their views on the colors they recommend for the end of the year!

Aisha Alam

“I think the upcoming Autumn-Winter is going to be all about rich and deep colours such as a deep deep purple, a rich burgundy, a burnt gold and a nice rustic orange. I am going more for drapery and cut and less for embellishments, embroidery and bead work.  My collection is all about depth, flavor and of course a lot of drama.” Continue reading…

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It is true that fashion changes our lifestyles and moods all the time. Like seasonal fashion trends in clothing, fashion accessories etc; the fashion bedding patterns consistently change with different seasons throughout the year.

This Fall/Winter 2011/12, following are the fashion bedding patterns and trends that are a hot favorite for bringing life and color to your bedroom.

 Northern Twist!

In fashion bedding patterns for Fall/Winter 2011/12, the inspiration from true colors of the Arctic have been taken. Cool ice blue, serene white and a tinge of deep brown has been picked up. Continue reading…

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Winters are on their way and the trends are changing accordingly.

So, you have to take a look into your closet and make a few changes as well.

Start off with the shoes this season for you can an impression with your smart choices in the upcoming trends in shoes.

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Pakistani Choridar PajamaThe Choridar pajamas are one of the most adopted outfits by the Pakistani women. It’s the essential part of Pakistani fashion since its origin in the royal forts of Mughal Empire. Women of every age in Asia and in Pakistan particularly wear Choridar pajama with long forks and long kameez.

The Choridar pajamas are so ‘in” in the Pakistani fashion that on some particular occasion like mayo and Mehndi boys also prefer to wear it. The Choridar pajamas are long and tight once you put it on you can manage the curls of it. They are stitched longer then legs due to which they produce more curls which is their ultimate beauty.

Choridar pajamas are made of almost every fabric. However, the silk made choridars are much more preferred by Pakistani men and women.

The Choridar pajama is glorious Mughal outfit. You will be amaze to know that Anar kali, the unfortunate love interest of Prince Salim used to wear heart arresting and feminine Choridar pajamas, off course to take away prince’s heart.

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fashion trends, fashion trends 2011, latest fashion trends, latest 2011 trends, spring trends 2011, spring trends 2011The spring trends 2011 have taken chunks from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s fashion trends and through this, it has come up with the best blend for spring trends 2011.

Lace dresses, embellishments, facings and edgings are a major trend of spring trends 2011. Lace has done its come back for spring trends 2011 to bring back the same classy look and femininity which was once a part of vintage ball gowns and dresses. Lace is an ideal piece of clothing to give your dress an extra edge and uniqueness.

Bold strips:
May it be hats, gloves, bags, socks, tops, jackets or even pants; big and bold stripes are a prime demand of spring trends 2011. Off course, the bold blue and white stripes are more popular in spring trends 2011 as they are the main inspiration for pulling up the stripes in spring trends 2011 as the hottest fashion. Continue reading…

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Fashion is not just a way of being state-of-the-art with style and vogue. It has a lot to do with voguish élan and taste.

If we generally talk about fashion, some lavishing style of attire, shoes, jewellery and other accessories come in our mind. Latest trends adopted by people termed as a way of being stylish.

Well, to adopt new chic of the vogue is not something important in this epoch of style but one should keep in mind that it’s not necessary that all the things in new fashion would go well with us. One must consider his/her physique in mind before adopting any latest fashion.

If dyed hairs are a bookmark of latest trend, you didn’t need to adopt it if your hair is sensitive or it doesn’t bode well to you. You can move with the newest styles of the society by adopting some trends and managing it with your personal outlook. Continue reading…

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Pakistani fashion designers have always been inspired by shalwar kames since, time immemorial and have tried to fuse it with various colourful styles and variations. 2010 fashion trends in Pakistan offer long embroidered taftan, kurta shirts with tights, tang pajamas, trousers and patyala shalwar.

2010 fashion trends offer flair, colourful embroideries and styles in various modes of Pakistani dresses. Taftan is another latest addition to the line of fashion trend. Many Pakistani fashion designers like Maria B, Mehdi, Nomi Ansari etc have introduced this new and trendy style in their boutiques. Their prices range from Rupees 3000 and above. Continue reading…

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