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Ramadan is a golden month to help in detoxifies the body, control diet and to benefit the body with highly nutritious foods. But unfortunately in Ramadan we fill our stomachs with all kind of acidic, less nutritional and difficult to digest foods. May be its because we think that we passed a long day without eating so when time comes just “eat all that we can”.

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Sehr Iftar Prayers

It is said that both Iftar and Sehr timings are one of the most blessed timings of Ramadan Karim. Apart from the daily five prayers, one has the privilege of reciting these two Duas or prayers which enhance the blessings shed upon the one who fasts. Prayers always bring one closer to God and at the time of keeping and breaking your fast, one must recite these two Duas respectively. Continue reading…

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Jummah Mubarak

The first Friday of the blessed month of Ramadan is of great significance. In Muslim culture it is imperative to pray more on Friday because it is said that Friday has ten times more barakah and blessings than any other day. Continue reading…

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dua in ramadan

Dua is one of the most integral parts of a Muslim’s life and as the month of Ramadan arrives we increase the recitation of prayers and dua in the month. This is done in order to achieve Allah’s will and to make the most out of the blessings of Ramadan Karim. There are certain duas which are meant especially for this particular month or are supposed to be recited during the fast and they are the iftar and sehri dua. Continue reading…

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The Joy of RamadanWith Ramadan being the most religious time of the year, we learn to come together with family and friends to celebrate and learn from the past year. The month of fasting brings us spiritual reflection and charity to the less fortunate. We sit down with a few fashion designers to catch up on their lives during Ramadan and their prospect on Eid. Continue reading…

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Importance of RamadanThe importance of Ramadan and fasting hold a spiritual place in the life of every Muslim. Ramadan is the month during which all Muslims focus on the good deeds, positive attitude, helping and sharing to gain the utmost Blessings of Allah.

Ramadan is the ninth month of Islamic calendar which is considered as the religious festival for the Islamic community. The arrival of Ramadan is widely celebrated all over the world. The importance of Ramadan in a life of Muslim is unexplainable, as it is considered that fasting in Ramadan will not only detoxify body from illnesses, but also detoxify soul from all the negativities. The pious month of Ramadan includes fasting which is the third pillar of all the five pillars of Islam. The enthusiasm for prayers, doing good deeds and the feasts on Sehri and Iftari make the month of Ramadan as a festive and joyous celebration. Continue reading…

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As soon as the Holy month of Ramadan arrives in Pakistan, people start preparing for celebration and food and most of the people ignore an important part of Iftar and Sehri, which are drinks. People take drinks very casually and they assume they don’t need to make any plans for what kind of drinks in Ramadan. Whereas, drinks are the most important part of Iftar and Sehri.

We should be careful about what to drink in Ramadan (Sehri and Iftar) according to the Pakistani drinks in Ramadan. The Drinks in Ramadan (Iftar) should be refreshing and healthy because after spending more than 12 hours fasting the body is dehydrated and it requires restoration of energy. Drinks in Ramadan (Sehri) should have a long lasting effect and they should be able to keep your body active for the rest of the day till Iftar.

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