[Lahore: 08 March 2012]  The Pakistan Fashion Design Council [PFDC] and Unilever Pakistan Ltd. are delighted to announce their third year of prêt a porter fashion. Indeed this April also marks the fifth week of Unilever’s continued association with the Pakistan Fashion Design Council.

The PFDC Fashion Week, S/S 2012, will take place in Lahore from April 13th to April 16th 2012, showcasing luxury/prêt from over 24 designer collections across 4 days at one main runway venue.

Furthermore, in keeping with the season and to their ongoing commitment to creating synergy and collaboration between textile and fashion, the PFDC will also be holding 2 days of designer voile shows in the afternoon prior to the luxury/prêt a porter evening shows.

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Act 2 was opened by Khaadi Khaas S/S 2012 prêt-à-porter collection, “The City Within”. The collection took inspiration from the city of Karachi, and showed varying themes in print, pleated fabric and irregular hemlines. Graphic compositions of asymmetry were juxtaposed with cultural affiliations to challenge the nature of the fabric and bring out the textured complexity intrinsic to today’s life and style.

Khaadi Khaas is an extension of retail giant Khaadi, synonymous with hand-woven fabric. Khaadi Khaas was launched in 2008 with a vision to add exclusivity to the Khaadi brand. The result is a formal prêt-a-porter brand where exclusivity meets tradition which embodies style, elegance and individuality from classic, sleek lines to trendy splashes of colour.

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Day3 Act1October 22 2011: The PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week reached its third day, showcasing an eclectic mix of fashion by more seasoned designers and debutants on the ramp. In attendance were media, celebrities and business delegates of fashion. Day 3 was structured into 2 acts in which a total of 6 designers showcased their prêt porter collections.

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2012 Day 3 – Act 1:

The Day opened with Adnan Pardesy’s menswear and womenswear collection entitled “Coquetry” which took inspiration from the muslin fabric, perhaps the purest and simplest fabric and indeed the staple fabric of the Indus Valley Civilization 7000 years ago. From being used by ancient Greeks and Romans for robes, to swaddling babies in Egypt to Marie Antoinette’s scandalous portrait in a muslin gown to being a cloth of the masses in both Medieval Europe and the Sub-Continent, Muslin is known to protect its wearers from both heat and the cold. Indeed it is this history and its inherent qualities of unique smoothness and delicacy that inspired Adnan Pardesy to treat this fabric with couture techniques of construction, texturing and dyeing.

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October 21 2011: The second day of the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week included a diversity of fashion showcases from both mainstream industry labels and brand new talent. Attendance was equally diverse with the fashion and design fraternity present along with local and international media,  celebrities as well as those local and international brand and individuals facilitating the business side of fashion. Structured into 2 acts, a total of 6 designers showcased their prêt a porter collections.

Amongst the highlights of Day 2’s showcase  was that renowned actress; more recently known for her performance in “Bol” on the silver screen, Humaima Mallick walked the ramp for fashion designer Sania Maskatiya’s collection which was showcased in the opening of Act 2.

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2012 Day 2 – Act 1

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October 20 2011 saw the start of the  fourth installment of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week in Pakistan.  Indeed this time, the Pakistan Fashion Design Council and Sunsilk took their week of fashion further to a bigger business platform teaming up with Expo Pakistan, in collaboration with the TDAP whereby PFDC Sunsilk Fashion week is being held in parallel to the trade event. Expo Pakistan is itself organised to explore trade avenues for Pakistan and endeavours to serve as a thoroughfare to the commercial and cultural diversity of Pakistani products and services in the hope to further promote export. Thus the Pakistan Fashion Design Council’s association with TDAP for Expo Pakistan looks to further help institutionalise and formalise the Pakistani fashion industry specifically, guiding it towards the processes necessary to become a part of Pakistan’s exports globally.

Day 1 of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week was structured into 2 acts, which featured 3 ramp shows each with 5 distinct designers and a show by the students of the PIFD. Continue reading…

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