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[Lahore, 05th June 2012] On behalf of leading hair and skin care brand Garnier, celebrity television personality and actress Juggun Kazim invited the media to an event in celebration of the Garnier Color Naturals range at Pace, Link Road Lahore. At the event, Garnier Spokesperson Juggun Kazim talked about her experience of coloring her hair with Garnier Color Naturals’ extensive range keeping in mind the summer season and also showed her latest Garnier film to audiences in attendance. Juggun Kazim was accompanied by her Lahore based expert hair team comprising of Jennifer Liu of Jenny’s Beauty Concept and Ruby Hasan, Founder and Creative Director of the salon Splitends, who shared their Garnier hair care tips with all those in attendance. Continue reading…

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Welcome winters with a colourful addition to your wardrobe. You would have been sick of years old grey and black winter clothing, just make the winters more exciting this time.  Don’t forget to choose colourful stockings and tights.

Now the question is how we decide on the colour of the stockings or tights. The choice of colour should depend on the outfit you want to wear with the stockings or tights as well as on the occasion you want to wear them on.

Subtle colours can be worn with evening and high fashion formal dresses where as for casual and day wear we can go for bright colours. Since winter mornings are generally gloomy bright coloured stockings and tights will help us add some colours to the outfit and the winter mornings. Continue reading…

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Socks fashion has been there for many years; initially people use to knit socks at home. Grandmothers today still know how to knit socks and sweaters. The socks fashion has taken a lot of turns and some incredible trends in socks fashion are seen. Pakistani socks fashion is no different it has also seen many trendsover the years.

Few years ago ankle socks came in to fashion and the trend of long socks was literally gone for some time. Ankle socks were extremely comfortable and they looked good as well. The idea of ankle socks attracted everyone and they were easily available in the market. Socks fashion depends on you as well. The best decision is to wear socks according to your comfort. If ankle socks don’t keep you warm then there is no point in wearing them. These days’ sneaker shoes are in fashion and bright colored socks go with them really well. Continue reading…

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Fashion is extremely important for girls in their teens as it is an extremely important way of expressing one’s own self. Along with being in sync with the times, following the fashion also enables young girls to be in touch with their friends.  The new fashion that has taken the hair industry by a whirl is that of head bands. Cool and funky hair bands are available in an array of designs, embellishments and motifs that make a girl stand apart from the rest of the crowd and add an extra zing to her personality.

Hair trends 2011 saw a flourishing rise in the return of the Alice headbands or most commonly known as the Blair headbands which are inspired by the character of Blaire Woldorff on the hit American TV series Gossip Girl where Blaire is seen to be adorning an array of headbands and deemed as the queen bee.
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Human being is a social animal and it seeks appreciation and acceptance from society. In teen-age this desire is at its peek. Teen-agers are extremely conscious about their appearance and conduct as they stand at the edge of becoming a part of the elder world. The case is similar with both boys and girls. One of the most basic instincts in females is also to look good and attractive. This instinct works over efficiently at teen-age hence teen-age girls try to the max to keep their selves up to date according to the trend. It is equally important to know that every fashion or trend does not suit every kind of body shape. It is foolish to opt for a style, only because it is the new even if it does not suit your body shape.

Chubby teen-ager girls are particularly conscious about what to wear, keeping in mind their physical form. Here are some simple but very useful tips for chubby teen-ager girls about how to make your chubbiness look trendy.

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Fashionable scarves add to the elegant and refined look.  Whatever time of year it may be scarves are now taken on as an accessory rather than a need. Women’s scarves are easily available in different sizes and fabrics. The fabric and style of fashionable scarves that women choose depend upon their usability. If you want a chic look and want to compliment your fancy outfit, you can pick a fashionable scarf of silk of chiffon.

And if you want to pair it up with a casual top, go for plain cotton women’s scarves that add a little life to your casual dress. A wide range of branded women’s scarves are there to cater to all kind of women. However, not everyone can afford to spend thousands on fashionable scarves. But remember girls, to shop tastefully, you got to be smart not moneyed.

Discover the rich cultural of pashmina scarves and shawls in Pakistan.  The widest variety of Pakistani scarves is available in pashmina fabric. Continue reading…

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Flower jewelry is making its place in fashion industry now. The charms of flowers are used in two ways and the flower jewelry trends in both of them are worth seeing. They are flower jewelry made by flowers and the flower jewelry made which are inspired by design of a flower. Here we go explaining the each trend in these 2 categories.

Flower jewelry by natural flowers:

Flower jewelry made with natural flowers is the historic and the most enchanting one. You can make tikka, matha pathi, bracelets and earrings from motiya, genda and jasmine flowers. Other flowers like tulips are also used in the flower jewelry. This trend of flower wearing flower jewelry is very in nowadays in mayo and mehndi. The bride and the groom and bride’s friends wear this beautiful flower jewelry which not only suites the environment but their yellow mayo dresses too. Flowers have the concept of delicateness and fragrance associated with it and yeah the bride is termed as innocent and delicate so the bride and the flower jewelry trends in mayo are made for each other. Continue reading…

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To know what style of clothing will look great on you first and foremost you have to know your body shape. Once you have evaluated your body shape only then you can pick the appropriate style of clothing.

Pick your body shape and follow the basic rules style of clothing.

Body shape narrower at the top half and wider at the lower hip should make their body look proportionate by widening the shoulders.

A V-frame body shape is one, which is wider at the bust and the shoulders appear to be wider than the hips. Choosing style of clothing that has width and fullness in the skirt or pants is a good idea.

An H-frame body shape appears to be straight up and down. A bloused garment with a flared skirt and belted waist, or a straight garment like a chemise dress is recommended style of clothing.

8-frame figure is the perfect figure and it is perfectly balanced figure. Bust is full; waist is small, with average length and hips are perfectly shaped. This body shape should choose style of clothing that fit the body and identify the waist.

Remember to create good balance from top to bottom. Use your style of clothing to the best advantage to accentuate your body shape. Wear what fits you right today.

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Eyes are often described as the key to one’s soul. Moreover, they provide us with the God given gift of vision – something most of us can not ever imagine living without. So shouldn’t the key to your soul and the provider of vision be treated and protected with the very best eye care possible?

For eye care, you need to have regular eye tests, wear the right reading glasses and wear them when they are needed. Your vision can deteriorate over time and the speed of this process is unique to each individual person, so regular eye exams are an absolute essential part of eye care. Eye exams at the opticians can also reveal other health problems such as diabetes, eye tumours, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis and even signs of a stroke. Reading glasses have absolutely revolutionised the fashion scene, with both male and female stars setting a striking example for us to follow.

Once an expensive investment that would set you back the average person’s monthly salary, fashionable reading glasses are now available in many designs, in many stores at many different price points. It is important that you select the right reading glasses for your eye care. The strength of the reading glasses should be determined by how long sighted you are. When selecting a pair of reading glasses, consider what you will be using them for. If you do a lot of outdoor reading, there are sun reading glasses available that are either polarized, tinted or UV protected. Folding reading glasses are good for people on the go, and can be tucked into a shirt pocket or small purse.

Don’t continue using a pair of reading glasses if they hurt your eyes or make you dizzy. Always consult your optometrist if you have any problems.

Reading glasses are an important part of any person who has weak eyes and with time they have entered the fashion scene as well.

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Fashion has many shapes and moods, sometimes unique/latest Fashion became the centre of attention for all Fashion lovers and at times old Fashion, when rephrases or came again inspire the new generation.

Some trends of Style & Fashion world leaves their long lasting impressions on the mind of people and when came back, no matter after many years, receives the same appreciation. One example of such trends is the re-articulation of ‘Trousers’.  The trend of trousers is not the new one; they come again into Fashion after some years. Currently this trend of wearing trousers is gaining popularity with the every passing day. They can be easily wearable in almost all types of occasions; in causal wear, formal wear, parties, and all types of functions. Trousers are also easily available in many types of stuff; like in skinny jeans, jourget, silk, and in cotton. Especially in summer season, you can see cotton trousers in their full bloom.

The most famous type of latest trousers is ‘wide-legged trousers, this season’s favorite wearable nearly for all. These loose-fitting trousers on your legs happen to be very comfortable and easy to carry as well.
Latest Fashion has revealed many comforts and variety in the life of today’s women. In summer season trousers can go with cotton in addition to lawn stuff. You can enjoy them with Lawn tunics and katans. You can also wear them separately with tank tops, t-shirts and with Kurtas too.

In summer season mostly trousers are ‘inn’ in light colors; particularly in off-white and in white shades. People have turned shalwar to Trousers, so add different colorful varieties of trousers in your wardrobe.

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