The latest spring collection 2011 maintains the feeling of softness and nostalgia of charm since the themes of latest spring trend is following a sophisticated look with the digital prints, subtle silks and fine cottons that give a refines and luxurious look to the latest spring fashion collection. This spring is all about being passionate with colours that evoke the inner feelings of happiness and joy. Besides that the spring 2011 collection includes the explosions of prints with geometrical accents, Indian flowers, folk music kitsch, cartoon influences and the mis of creative patchwork of

The creativity of the latest spring collection 2011 has made the spring collection the more authentic for every woman with a variety of mixes of feminist trends including a pinch of biker styled coughs and designs.

Besides the exotic blend of colours and prints the embroideries and beautifully painted and laced outfits have also taken over the latest spring 2011 collection to beat the latest fashion collection of the year. Continue reading…

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Within the first two years of its birth, Fashion is not only up and running, this online Fashion world magazine has established itself as a trail blazer. Indeed the 730 days journey has been loaded with enthusiasm and although there are still millions of kilometers to travel, the team at FashionCentral continues to traverse and move forward without any fear, adequately supported by the pioneering spirit of the founders Shoaeb Shams and Annie whose passion is on the up, at an amazing pace.

Team work has been the hall mark, all through, which helped in curbing many fears. Of course, at the beginning the key question was how to be a cutting edge in technology. Then there was the scare of competition, global and national and data showed that several online fashion magazine attempts had faded with adverse results, becoming unsustainable ventures. Continue reading…

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Update yourself with latest Pakistani fashion 2011 and be a fashion icon.

How do we define fashion? There will be so many definitions and all of them will be correct but point here is that fashion is never constant rather it comes and goes. People all around Pakistan need to be aware of what kind of fashion is in and what fashion is out. This article will surely update you regarding the latest Pakistani fashion 2011. In short this article is all about latest Pakistani fashion 2011 and will talk about some important aspects of fashion in Pakistan. Continue reading…

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Fashion in Pakistan has gone through a strange transition, from being almost non-existent to the era of boutiques, and gradually landing into the hands of few individuals who laid the foundation of fashion industry.

Pakistani fashion collection is revealing fashions that have its own colours and traditions to make it out of the ordinary. For decades, Pakistani fashion faced continuous oppression but now this fashion scene has changed a lot and Pakistani fashion industry is standing on its own feet with diversity and distinction.

Fashion is a science that needs special effort and hard work, so we can’t forget the chore performed by our renowned fashion designer’s whose efforts made a specific place of Pakistani fashion collection in international fashion world. Collecting fashion is like choosing the flowers of your own choice from a garden full of different & colorful roses. It might bit difficult yet incredibly interesting. You just have to observe around; glance on the past, observe the present and look forward for the upcoming fashion. Now select the one of your own choice. Continue reading…

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The Pakistani fashion collection is in fact the most colorful and diverting fashion in the world. Since Pakistani fashion collections have the colors of various tradition and civilizations… Today we are going to explore the colors of the Pakistani fashion collection.

When one put a glance over Pakistani fashion industry to see the direction of trends he experience the dynamic various colors of life and no doubt that’s Because of the touching nature of the culture.

Continue reading…

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