Visit the main boulevards of your city. You will meet big billboards and hoardings displaying designer lawn’s latest collections showcased by the best fashion designers of today. Every second day, designer lawn exhibitions are scheduled, and the moment they start off their exhibition, they are out of stock before the official closure of the exhibition. Why is this so???

The reason behind is the designer lawn trend that has developed roots. There’s a big demand of signature designs. Designer lawn trend is seen to grow with a snow ball effect right after the first designer lawn launch by Al Karam, named Sana Safinaz in 1997. Al Karam is the proven trend setter brand in the realm of designer lawn market. Continue reading…

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[Lahore, 29 February 2012] As first announced in January 2012, premier home textiles exporters, Kamal Limited is set to launch their first local initiative with a lawn collection for 2012 in collaboration with fashion designer Khadijah Shah of Élan.

The launch of Kamal Lawn by Élan is scheduled to take place on 13 March 2012 at PFDC, Mall One on the Main Boulevard in Lahore, as managed by QYT Events.

At the event, models will be displaying the different ways in which to stitch Kamal Lawn by Élan live at the event. The Lahore exhibition will continue till 15 March at the selected venue.

Kamal Lawn by Élan is also being exhibited in Karachi and Faisalabad on 14 March and Islamabad on 15 March; at Imperial Garden in Karachi, Dynasty in Faisalabad and Kapas in Islamabad. Continue reading…

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PESHAWAR: Concepteur’s Lounge is Pakistan’s first multi-brand store in Peshawar, and it’s already creating waves due to their exceptional line-up of designers and excellent customer services. Amongst the big names stocking at Concepteur’s Lounge are Ayesha Khurram, Karma, Nadya Mistry and Taneez who is stocking her silver jewelry at the store.

Concepteur’s Lounge is a joint venture between two motivated and ambitious women, Dr. Naila Junaid and Mrs. Yasmin Azam, who launched Concepteur’s Lounge with the sole purpose of developing a market for high end designer wear in Peshawar. Continue reading…

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Just like the commendable joint venture of Pakistan Fashion Design Council (PFDC) and L’Oréal Paris, the PFDC L’Oréal Paris Bridal Week 2011, there is something freaky yet splendid. Other than the conventional red carpet, the PFDC L’Oréal Paris Bridal Week 2011 is going to have the exceptional “Black Carpet” for the first time in Pakistan’s fashion history.

Where red is the symbol of glam and style, the black depicts the elegance and passion. This is how the Black Carpet of PFDC L’ Oréal Paris Bridal Week 2011 aims to endow the mesmerizing feel to all fashion designers, fashion models, makeup artists, stylists and to all fashionistas and celebutants to walk over. Photographers will have the opportunity to capture the dazzling steps of participants making PFDC L’ Oréal Paris Bridal Week 2011 Black Carpet memorable for the many forth coming Pakistani fashion weeks.

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Wedding trends have changed overtime. They are no more the traditional weddings where the girl and boy had no interaction before marriage and therefore, every arrangement was done by the family. The latest wedding trend depicts that the couples follow DIY (do it yourself) wedding tradition. They can customize their weddings by saving money and enjoying it completely.

The latest summer weddings trends tells us that the wedding dresses should be vintage and retro-inspired with a new bend. We will get to see the beautiful textured clothes made with cap sleeves. People prefer natural but air conditioned settings in the summer weddings where they can enjoy wearing makeup and exquisite accessories. Wedding is all about photo booths customized with actual and set areas along with draped-cloth backdrop. This is extremely important when talking about wedding trends because couples need to cherish memories later on by making sure that every moment is captured best on their wedding day. Continue reading…

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Truck Art - Pakistani Fashion to the core!There is something very distinguishing and remarkable about having your own culture being incorporated in the fashion scenario of today. The Pakistani fashion scene has witnessed a complete turn nowadays and it is seen to be exploring its own indigenous roots; with peacock prints and truck and rickshaw embellishments emerging as the new and in thing.

Truck and bus art was mainly introduced in the country initially by public transport owners to attract more passengers. But gradually, it became the norm; not so much in public transports but with trucks and rickshaws, to have colorful and delightful vehicles full of inspirational quotes, local lollywood actors, song lyrics or folk tales. Now it is an inherent part of the Pakistani culture, and what may appear brassy and gaudy to some, is in all its glory the very heritage we are proud of. Continue reading…

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Latest Pakistani Fashion Trends 2011It’s time for you to know latest Pakistani Fashion 2011…. Here you go..

Hurrah! The colorful and vibrant time of Pakistani fashion 2011 is here. Yes, it is summer time in Pakistan, a time for some shopping activities for the latest trends of Pakistani fashion 2011. Each season has its own flavor and charm. So is the case with summer season. This time, the summer season in the Pakistani fashion 2011 is going to be a very interesting one. This is because a lot of creativity and cutting edge fashion trends are going to be seen from the designers.

  • Shoe trends

Let’s begin from the bottom this time. A lot of variations in shoe trends are going to be witnessed in the Pakistani fashion 2011. For the summer season; strappy sandals, wedges and gladiators are very high in demand. Last year, they were a novelty to find in Pakistan but thanks to the Pakistani fashion 2011 trends that now these types of shoes are available almost everywhere.

  • Trendy sleeves

A lot of creativity is seen in Pakistani fashion 2011 with the designing of the sleeves of tops, shirts and kurtas for the summer season. Chiffon sleeves teamed up with cotton and lawn shirts look very trendy. Victorian, cigarette and puff designs of sleeves are very much a part of Pakistani fashion 2011. A little bit of flare in sleeves is also in fashion especially for those who want to hide their bulky arms. Continue reading…

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