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Visit the main boulevards of your city. You will meet big billboards and hoardings displaying designer lawn’s latest collections showcased by the best fashion designers of today. Every second day, designer lawn exhibitions are scheduled, and the moment they start off their exhibition, they are out of stock before the official closure of the exhibition. Why is this so???

The reason behind is the designer lawn trend that has developed roots. There’s a big demand of signature designs. Designer lawn trend is seen to grow with a snow ball effect right after the first designer lawn launch by Al Karam, named Sana Safinaz in 1997. Al Karam is the proven trend setter brand in the realm of designer lawn market. Continue reading…

Kesa by Lala  takes inspiration from the richness of Japanese culture, with the name being derived from the prayer robes of Japanese Buddhist monks which they designed with utmost care and finesse in patterns reflecting Japanese subtleties and design aesthetics.

The House of Lala interprets this heritage within a Sub Continental Context with their brand “Kesa”, which combines the intricacies of art and design while retaining the best in fabric and embellishment. Indeed the latest summer collection from Kesa represents Islamic and Oriental art presenting designs in floral and geometric patterns in a variation of colours accentuated by embellishments, panels and embroideries.

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Short SocksWe often pay a great deal of attention towards the type of shoes we prefer and even go off the board while purchasing our shoes. The changing trends and styles in shoes are something that always appeals us and we always try to get our hands on the most stylish and trendiest shoes in the market.

However, one more thing that needs equal attention when it comes to your feet is the socks.  There are many different types of socks that are available at stores however; very few of us bother the trends related to socks. One of the latest trends of socks is the short socks. The short socks are in fashion from the past few years and they look very stylish. Continue reading…

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No matter what your style statement is, if you are a Pakistan woman you definitely own an entire collection of chiffon formal dresses. Although the fashion which incorporates the cuts and the silhouettes changes but the material used for formal dresses has always been the same in Pakistan. No matter what time of the year it is, every lady wear chiffon dresses for weddings, evening functions and events. Pakistan has adopted the tradition of wearing all these royal material clothing from the Mughal customs and traditions. The subcontinent had a rich culture during the Mughal emperors rule and this culture was adopted by the people of the subcontinent. The traditional wear on weddings and other formal functions still has the same custom of wearing the royal material.

With the latest trend and the eastern traditional fashion there is now an addition of chiffon trend, every dress may it be formal or casual has a touch of chiffon in them. Sleeves of most of the dresses are stitched with chiffon material.  The versatility of the recent summer collection of lawn prints and designs by the designers had chiffon sleeves with almost every dress. Since Pakistani dresses can be customised and tailored according to individual’s personal choice and orders therefore it is completely possible to get your very own chiffon sleeve dress. Continue reading…

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It is true that fashion changes our lifestyles and moods all the time. Like seasonal fashion trends in clothing, fashion accessories etc; the fashion bedding patterns consistently change with different seasons throughout the year.

This Fall/Winter 2011/12, following are the fashion bedding patterns and trends that are a hot favorite for bringing life and color to your bedroom.

 Northern Twist!

In fashion bedding patterns for Fall/Winter 2011/12, the inspiration from true colors of the Arctic have been taken. Cool ice blue, serene white and a tinge of deep brown has been picked up. Continue reading…

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