This Indian TV Actor Has Transformed Into A Woman, for Life!

Indian TV star Gaurav Arora last year made a dramatic transformation to his life and became ‘Gauri’, leaving the showbiz industry in shock. But, Arora is used to it nowThe reality show ‘Splitsvilla’ changed his life and Gaurav Arora has now become Gauri. The actor, in a recent interview, said he always knew he was different, but it was an incident on the set of the reality show ‘Splitsvilla’ a year ago that spurred him to change his gender.

” People called me chakka (transvestite).I entered ‘Splitsvilla’ as a straight guy, but came out as a changed person and transformed into a woman eventually. I fell for a popular TV actor who came as a guest. I was a fan of his college rockstar image. Gaurav never shared anything with his family. “We never had a conversation on this until I came out of the closet on the show.

My mother dissuaded me from talking to my father as he wouldn’t understand, but I didn’t pay heed. He severed ties with me. I hope to reconcile with him one day. I cry sometimes as the journey has been really difficult,” he shares. He says, “Kids laugh at me and shopkeepers mock me. Being a woman is not easy. Despite the odds, I am so proud of my decision.”

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