CHAKRAVYUH – For a Fun Weekend

CHAKRAVYUH isn’t a dry film or a docu-styled feature on how and why the Naxalite movement has spread in various parts of the country. Jha knows, and knows well by now, that a message rings loud and clear if it’s conveyed with a riveting plot and interesting characters that the common man expects from popular/mainstream cinema. CHAKRAVYUH is about Naxalites, but at the centre of the conflict is the story of two friends and how the issue [Naxalite] drives a wedge between two thick friends. CHAKRAVYUH is for the thinking man in the audience. It’s serious in temperament, remains loyal and faithful to the issue it sets to illustrate on screen and puts forth the point of view of the Naxals and the government, both in the public domain. Also, it’s violent and intense, with several ferocious moments. On the whole, CHAKRAVYUH is an engaging drama. It chronicles a burning issue, but is entertaining concurrently, something that Prakash Jha balances beautifully in film after film.

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