Matchless Happiness of First Day of Eid Day

Matchless Happiness of First Day of Eid DayEid is a festive occasion which is celebrated by the Muslims after the holy month of Ramadan. This occasion is an occasion of happiness and is meant to unite all the Muslims together.  The first day of Eid is full of excitement and happiness to every Muslim.

The Eid day 1 begins with the Eid prayer which is necessary for every Muslim to offer.  A Muslim is required to take shower and wear new clothes and go for the prayers.  There are certain highlighting features of the first day of Eid which make this day very special and important.

The Collection of Eidi

The main highlighting feature of the first day of eid is the time when kids get their Eidi from the elders. Eidi is some amount of money given by elders to the younger in order to express the happiness and celebrate this auspicious day.  Kids wait anxiously to get Eidi from their elders and they spend all their in counting the money they got.

Wearing New Clothes

Another important and a highlighting feature of first day of Eid is wearing new clothes.  The shopping centers and shops are filled with people during the month of Ramadan for the shopping of Eid. From shoes to the dress, everything is new.  Men tend to make new Kurta Shalwar which they wear on the first day of Eid in the prayers and women also tend to make new dresses for this beautiful day.  As soon as the month of Ramadan starts, the preparation for Eid also starts. As this occasion is to forget and forgive and stay happy, people forget all the differences they have and start preparing for Eid.

Reuniting With Relatives

Eid first day brings all of the relatives closer. Every Muslim forgets all the differences he or she had with their relatives and greets them with happiness. There are dinner parties and lunch parties on which relatives meet and enjoy this joyous occasion.  Gifts and sweets are exchanged between the relatives which makes the bond between them much stronger.

Mouth Watering Foods

Another thing which enlightens this day further is that the foods made Eid first day are just mouth watering. The traditional breakfast “Sheer Khorma” makes this day wonderful. Then in the lunch, there has to be something special and tasty and same goes for dinner as well.
First day of Eid brings happiness in the hearts of the Muslims and it is mentioned in the religion to celebrate this day with lots of happiness and joy. A Muslim on this day shouldn’t hold grudge against anyone and should spread happiness only.  Eid is for 3 days but the first day of Eid is the most important and is most exciting event.  Nothing can beat the excitement and happiness of this day.

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