Significance of Mehndi Designs in Pakistan

Significance of Mehndi Designs in PakistanActually prepared from the leaves of plant called henna, Mehndi has become quite a tradition not only in Pakistan, but in many cultures of the world. The popularity of Mehndi designs is not a new thing in Pakistan. No festival and celebration is completed without the beautiful and decorative Mehndi designs. Whether it is engagement, Wedding, or Eid, Mehndi has become an exquisite part of the happy celebrations and festivities. Though, Mehndi has gained popularity not only in sub-continent, but also in western countries. However, the mehndi designs somehow differ as per the region they are used.

There are a variety of mehndi designs available that are usually chosen according to the event and occasion. While many stunning mehndi designs are usually seen in the weddings and on Eid, the most popular are Indian, Pakistani, Arabic and African mehndi designs. While the Arabic mehndi design is known for fewer details and big motifs, its color is very dark. On the other hand, Pakistani and Indian mehndi designs are known for their detailed style on the palms.

Though fashion changes and fades away, but the fashion of mehndi designs has always been in. No matter what is the occasion and whatever the age of a woman is; every female wants to decorate their hands with the beautiful and interesting mehndi designs to celebrate the true spirit of their special events. When it comes to latest mehndi designs and trends in Pakistan, the highly detailed designs are quite in demand nowadays.

Due to their intricate detailed style, Pakistani mehndi designs are the most complex ones. Due to the complexity in designs, it takes a lot of time in their application, especially when it comes to bridal ones. To apply these mehndi designs, the person should be mastered enough to apply each and every detail neatly and well-defined. Though these mehndi designs need complex details and fine fills-in, but they look exceptionally beautiful and unique. Whether the application is on hands or on feet, the Pakistani mehndi designs are highly exclusive to make your special day memorable for you.

While in Pakistani mehndi designs it is preferable to fill the palms of the hands and wrist regions with intricate and delicate details, the designs for feet usually include crippled feet mehndi designs. Such mehndi designs mean the application on the edges of feet and little fill-ins on the pores of the feet. Though, mehndi designs on legs are highly popular in Indian regions, but they are not common and appreciated in Pakistan.

Besides getting addicted to many rapidly changing fashion trends, no one can actually deny the importance of Mehndi in Pakistan. With the traditional beauty and elegance of Pakistani Mehndi designs, you can also make your Eid-ul-Fitr beautiful and festive.

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