The Designers Multi-brand Store Presents A Special Showcase For Ramzan

To celebrate the festivities of Ramzan, The Designers will be showcasing a special collection of semi-formal, formal designer-wear brands along with exquisite jewelry for a 15 day exhibition. Known for housing some of the country’s top designers, the leading multi brand store in Karachi recently launched its outlet in Dubai to reach out to international buyers.

The Ramzan Exhibition will be hosting luxury brands to display their latest collections to gear up for Eid celebrations, including the lively Chaad Raath shopping. Participating in the exhibition will be some of the Pakistan’s top designers. The red carpet event will begin on the 16th of Ramzan along with mendhi and bangles 3 days prior to Eid. The exhibition will focus on the lively shopping experience surrounding Eid.

The festivities will include Rizwan Beyg, Ayesha Khurram, NAAJ, Cranberry, Umsha Couture, Body Focus, Nigoree and Bani D. Rizwan Beyg will be showcasing a semi-formal line with various pattern and sizes as well as elegant silhouettes. “I had a great time working with The Designers in Dubai for the first time, now the Ramzan Exhibition will be an excellent way to enjoy the month.” Rizwan Beyg Cranberry is presenting its Eid collection, in allure and exquisite designs with contemporary cuts and vibrant and pastel shades, at the Designers “, Amber Chughtai, Cranberry.

Umsha Couture will be launching a limited edition collection with a range of semi-formal and formal outfits with special attention were given to the detailing and fabrics making the outfits stand out from all other collections.  “The Designers being a pioneer and preferred store for every fashion conscious female in Karachi gives us the exposure required to launch a line,” Uzma Babar Recently, Asad Tareen’s launch in Dubai brought together multiple designers. His reputation as a man who understands fashion retail brought multiple designers into the international fashion market.

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