It is a fact that Pakistan might not be a big part and parcel of the film industry, but it has an ever flourishing rock music industry which is really appreciated world over with their famous music bands. The popularity of Pakistani music bands can be seen from the fact that Gwen Stefani attended Junoon‘s concert at the UN and the acclaimed group Strings’ music being played on the Hollywood’s blockbuster Spider Man’s soundtrack. This clearly shows that Pakistani music bands are surely the famous music bands these days. Not only this, but its a glad thing that the famous music bands provide the youth of South Asia a different kind of genre in music besides the Bollywood music with which they used to associate with.

In the past there have been many famous music bands that have been popular in Pakistan. Some of the Pakistani music bands had the ambition to perform on the international stage whereas the other Pakistani music bands have performed for the Western artists too, exhibiting their talent to the fullest and showing that they are the famous music bands.

From playing in a famous music band during college days to being an internationally acclaimed Pakistani music band, Strings have already become a household name in the rock scenario. The famous music band in the beginning headed towards India to play their music where they came to realize that they already have a huge following. The famous music bands hard work paid off, as the Strings were heading towards the studio to record their song “Najaney Kyun” they were offered there and then to include their song in the Hollywood blockbuster Spider Man. Then later Strings one of the Pakistani music bands got the opportunity to contribute to the soundtrack for the Bollywood movie Zinda.

Whereas on the other hand, Sufi-rock band Junoon which is also a famous music band has been playing for crowds since two decades now. The New York Times has even titled Junoon a Pakistani music band as the “U2 of Pakistan!” Junoon the famous music band has also gone on to perform at Mumbai’s Zee Cine Awards and played at a concert in Central Park, NYC. Later last year, Junoon the famous music band was given the opportunity to perform at a concert at the United Nations. There in the crowd were not only the political leaders, but above all No Doubt’s Gwen Stefani! With a credit of countless singles and several videos, Junoon still continues to spread their rock music all around the world as a Pakistani music band.

Jal on the other hand is a famous music band with their hit single “Aadat”. After some time this famous music band had a big break, and the lead singer Atif Aslam finally left the famous music band and became one of Bollywood’s most popular playback singer. The debut album of Jal became one of the record breaker albums of the year. Their single “Woh Lamhe” was immediately adopted by Bollywood and was used in their film Zeher. Jal the Pakistani music band’s second album Boondh was later released in India making them a famous music band and soon after that they went on a tour of Asia. As the Pakistani music band still continues to prosper, nothing can be said of where they might end up!

Some other famous Pakistani Music Bands are:

1.    Aaroh

2.    Call

3.    EP

4.    Fuzon

5.    Junoon

6.    Karavan

7.    Mauj

8.    Mekaal Hasan Band

9.    Mizraab

10.    Noori


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