Laughter is Good Medicine

The sound of laughter is far more transmittable than any cough, fever, or sneeze. When laughter is shared, it connects people, enhances happiness and intimacy.. Wonder why people who live there life with sadness and anger tend to have an aging problem, physical and mental problems on the contrary to the people who live there live with laughter.

Laughing with group of people is more effective than laughing alone: Communal laughter is one of the most effective tools for keeping relationships exciting, long lasting bonds, and also adds joy and vitality. Laughter is a powerful and effective way to heal resentments, disagreements, and hurts. It amalgamates people during hardships. “Employees also reported higher job satisfaction when they worked for someone who was more humor-oriented and used humor effectively and appropriately.” Says Wanzer.

Using humor and laughter in relationships allows you to:
•    Humor gets you away from your troubles thus a person can be more open and spontaneous.
•    Laughter helps you forget mishaps, criticisms, and uncertainties.
•    Removes fear of being lonely and sitting alone.
•    Many a time’s people speak the truth while being humorous.

Some famous examples are: ‘Dolly Ki Agai Barat’, ‘Kis Din Mera Viah Howega’, ‘Bulbuley’, ‘and Hasb e Haal ’,‘ The Sharif show’. Laughter is Good Medicine. Rrelief theory is general theory that defines laughter. It may ensue from listening to a joke, watch good TV shows and movies or being tickled. A gradual change occurs with increase in age and seriousness and laughter reduces. Laughter is linked to healthy function of body. ‘Using laughter-provoking movies to judge the effect of emotions on cardiovascular health’, researchers at the University Of Maryland School Of Medicine in Baltimore.

Laughter shows have played one of the most important parts in making people relax. Laughter shows expend calories and lowers your blood pressure. It is a enriched mechanism that has evolved from the need for members to get along. Have you ever found yourself laughing on stupid jokes because people on the show are also laughing? It brings about an unconscious response to social situations.

Not only laughter shows but reading humorous books, chatting with lively group of friends, or watching cartoons can also add to the sweetness of life. Believe it or not the first laughter appears at about 4 months of age, long before a baby is able to speak. An infant is one more toy that brings smile and happiness to our face.

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