Hemant Madhukar Wife goes all against Veena Malik

Hemant Madhukar Wife goes all against Veena MalikOne of the toughest jobs for a celebrity wife is to ensure her husband is kept away from the hot actresses trying to cling on to him. While most of them are successful at it, there are times when such things tend to cause a lot of stress to the wives but they have no choice except dealing with it.

Anyways, the talk from Mumbai right now is one Director Wife is miffed with the hot Bollywood beauty Veena Malik. Well, she is none other than Tripta Madhukar, wife of Director Hemant Madhukar. Apparently, news is that Veena enjoying her singlehood and very evidently, mingling. She spotted cozying-up the director of Mumbai 125kms, Hemant Madhukar.

Hemant Madhukar’s wife is very upset with her husband and his upcoming movie’s star cast Veena Malik who is reportedly getting to close with her husband.




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