Krizmah Valentine’s Day Bag

LAHORE: Krizmah, probably one of the most well known accessory labels based on Chitrali embroidery, has a special bag for all women looking for the perfect accessory for Valentine’s Day. The Afterhours bag in red is perfect to compliment any red outfit on this special day.

The Afterhours bag is from our very first collection and the option in red is just perfect for Valentine’s Day,” said Zainab Alam, co-founder of Krizmah bags.

Quote from Nadia Malik:

The red Afterhours bag is inspired by Owls: Nadia and Zainab explain the thought process behind the bags in these words: “The ability to see in the dark has elevated Owls, to manifestations of wisdom. Because of their close kinship with the night, owls are also associated with magic and love. Young lovers often swear by the owl to profess the love they have for each other which only the owl has been able to see.

Available at Ensemble Lahore and Ensemble Karachi as well as at Asmani’s in Islamabad, Krizmah bags are delightful options for gifts as well as trendy accessories to compliment outfits.

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