The best days of your life

School life is the easiest phase of life where there are no responsibilities or at least not as big as feeding a household or paying the bills. In school life one understands the meaning of friendship and makes many friends out of which some last for a lifetime.

These friends have done everything together they are like partners in crime, they have played video games, running and cycling in the streets, carrying out mischievous activities and living life.

It is that phase of life where money doesn’t matter, one doesn’t need money to continuously live, parents are there to take care of them and they don’t need to do anything at all.

They don’t know how the bills are paid for what do they have left for grocery.It is the easiest phase in which all they need to worry about is their homework, pencil box full of stationary, latest toys, fancy school bag and lunch box.

School life gives you the best memories of your life which you can cherish forever and also tell your kids and grandkids about all the stories. When people remember about their school life they picture a happy life with no worries and how naughty they used to be and about all the games they played and all the friends they made. School days are a lot of fun with school trips, trips to amusement parks and zoos. Later life becomes difficult, stresses increase, life gets busier and busier and this is why the best memories are from school days.

The activities in school life are so simple and innocent such as cartoons and stickers. There are endless wishes that a kid has for toys. The only stress that they have is homework stress. School days are definitely the best days of one’s life and a bunch of memories to hold on to.

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